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Pisces 2010














You have more family responsibilities this year, than you did last.  You’re also showing a more tender and gentle side, which I really like. That tough exterior, which we witnessed last year, has been stripped away and you find yourself willing to show close ones your true feelings and emotions.  With Jupiter in your first house, you will enjoy this year and all that it has to bring to you, both personally and professionally.  My only word of warning is to keep your ‘standards’ in love. Don’t let them drop, especially in August. You deserve the best, remember that!

A dream or project, which you have wanted for years, comes to fruition. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.  Just don’t be afraid to slow your pace, even though others want to push you. You’ve waited this long, and they can wait a little longer.  When you do get any money during 2010, you are going to have to resist the urge to spend it. You may not know what you’re saving for, but trust me, by the time November comes around, you’ll thank me for advising you to save.

Pisces rules the feet. They believe is suffering for their beauty, and strangely it is usually the feet that suffer.  Your most common bad habit is buying shoes that look spectacular but are extremely bad for your feet.  You must watch out for swollen ankles and water retention. The word moderation is not in your vocabulary! You are prone to snacking and have varied eating patterns, which can result in digestive problems.  You also tend to turn to food to make your worries go away instead of eating when you’re actually hungry.  Restraint should be your watchword for 2010.  By making your goals and aims realistic ones you will find success in 2010. 

Last year you seemed to spend all of your time working on something, which did not really find an ending. This year you tie up all your loose ends professionally. Part of the problem is that with your addictive nature, you were just trying to hard to be competitive. You should have been thinking quality, not quantity with your work. I hope you do this during 2010 because professional success can be yours if you do.  Don’t give in to family pressures to change your dreams. It is your life to live and certain faces are going to have to accept you for who they are.

Ideal career for a Piscean: Artist, musician, psychologist, writer and restaurateur.


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