Feb 19, 2019 Last Updated 12:00 AM, Mar 29, 2019

Personal Tarot and Astrology from Sarah

Our founding member Sarah Bartlett is offering one to one telephone readings to Astrology Room readers.

"With over twenty-five years experience as a consultant astrologer and tarot reader, I offer an exclusive in-depth telephone reading either in reply to your burning questions, or to help you clarify your goals, navigate your love-life, career and life direction.

Whether you prefer a fascinating astrological analysis and forecast, or an illuminating tarot reading, I will phone you at a pre-arranged convenient time to give you answers and insight into your current concerns and future progress.
I truly look forward to helping you to make life-changing decisions, discover new romance or improve your life."


Phone consultations cost:

UK £50, US $75 for a 20 minute reading.

UK £80, US $120 for a 40 minute reading.

Book a reading with Sarah now, and start making your life what you truly want it to be.

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We accept payments by card via Paypal or payment through your Paypal account. Bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may incur a charge.


Your kind words

"Hi Sarah,
It was such a pleasure to chat with you last night. It put everything in perspective and confirmed all the voices in the back of my head , that the trials and tribulations of the past 5-6 yrs were meant to be , strangely i have discovered my power. The chat with you was very validating and comforting . Thank you. The only way is UP from here."

Caroline, USA


"I have read your column for a year or so (every week) and it has been incredible, hence the reason I called you. So thanks once again and I am looking forward to planets shifting and things changing - You're so right!"
Amanda, Poole UK


"Thank you for the reading Sarah. I feel better just for the guidance and realising the need to be patient. Thanks again and feel better soon (Pisces side!!)."

Anon. UK


"Thanks so much for the reading...it was great. You go the extra mile Sarah!"
Michelle, Texas USA

"You are amazing, thank God for your chart. I took the forecast at word, and a miracle occurred."
Janice, London UK

"Thanks you so much for my reading Sarah. The combined tarot and astrology gave me a totally new perspective. And thanks for the chart too!"
Robert, London UK