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Pluto - The Calm Before The Storm

two_gordons_sm.jpgAS ASTROLOGY LOVERS KNOW, one of the biggest events of the year so far was Pluto’s move into Capricorn, the sign of structures, tradition and business institutions on January 26.  Since then powerful Pluto has, on April 2nd, changed direction and been retrograde or appearing to move backwards through the heavens and through our zodiac.



This change of direction brought to a close a period of nine and a half weeks during which Pluto initiated worldwide change in terms of opinions and approaches to financial, business and political systems and structures.   Even in more light-hearted areas Pluto’s power was felt as it generated surprise defeats of premiership football teams (those with the power and the money) when shock results in the FA Cup brought about a major re-think in terms of the power, positions and status of the most dominant teams, previously considered to be invincible.


As Pluto began its retrograde motion in early April it started slowly reversing and making its way towards Sagittarius, the sign it inhabited from 1995 until January this year.   Its latest journey through opportunistic Sagittarius lasts from June 14th until late November this year, during which time many of us might welcome the chance to take stock of all that’s been happening on a personal, national and global level in terms of investments, mortgages, house prices, banking, spending and the cost of living – food and fuel especially.  


And can it be merely co-incidence that it is exactly during this time that the government and the populace of the UK have been forced to look at the Prime Minister, his strengths and weaknesses, far more sceptically?   The next six months are obviously crucial in terms of the way in which Gordon Brown, his government, the Labour Party and the power they hold are viewed here and around the world. 


Between now and November 27th when Pluto returns to the no-nonsense sign of Capricorn, we can expect a major shift in the way in which we view the premier, the power he holds and the ways in which he uses it – and whether or not he is able to retain that power.


More significantly, on December 21st 2008 Pluto passes over the point in Gordon Brown’s natal chart which is occupied by Chiron, which represents wounding or healing.  This is an event which, apart from a bit of cosmic to-ing and fro-ing, only occurs every 248 years.  (One such occasion coincided with the damning press following Labour’s disastrous local election results in early May). History in the making perhaps as this year comes to a close and Mr Brown suffers political wounding he cannot withstand?  Or will some magical healing power rescue him from having to suffer the indignity of rejection?





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