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Hair Styles to Boost Your Charisma








Make sure your hairstyle reflects your own Chinese Horoscope personality, to boost your chances of success, happiness and wealth.


Find out what Chinese sign you are by using the guide at the bottom of the article.

Extrovert, outrageous, charming, and sociable you need to go for a style that suits your busy lifestyle and emphasises your fun-loving spirit.
Sizzling mid-length shags or shorter tousled cuts mean you won't waste your time in the bathroom when you'd rather be out partying.  Experiment with blonde highlights, or just stick to your natural colour to enhance your carefree mood. It's going to be a year for harmonious relationships, and if you're looking for romance,  men will be just falling at your feet from October onwards. Maintain your unconventional looks with a stylist who's fast and funny. Otherwise you'll be out on the street still in your foils.


Behind that cool, conventional image you're sensual and smouldering. And you like to keep it quiet that you're determined and ambitious to get to the top of your tree. Opt for a chic, classical style which enhances your femininity, but gives you a sophisticated aura when out in the workplace.
Slick bobs, short, no-hassle styles emphasise your cool approach, but won't detract from your sultry aura. This is your year for taking on bigger responsibilities, and proving you can take the helm. So make sure your hair is immaculate and as polished as you are. Choose a stylist who is the perfect gentleman and won't try to change your image.


Always on the go, you're a born leader. And men just can't resist your passionate, fiery sexuality. Wanton waves, or tousled mid length shags enhance your wild streak, and your outrageous charisma. Use colour to emphasies your dynamic image throughout the year and prove how motivated you are. Anything goes, from streaky, shiny shafts of blonde to highlights in reds or golds. Inspirational ideas, and a talent for proving you can take on any role puts you in a position of power by the end of the year, and you have no choice but to look gorgeous. So make sure your stylist knows how to make you feel fabulous too!


Sociable and always serene in any company, you're adored for your wit and charm. This is your year for finding a key role where you can use your creative talents. It's also one for making major lifestyle decisions, and sticking to them. However committed you are to your career, you're still a romantic and need to maintain your ultra-feminine persona. So opt for a style which enhances your vivacious sensuality. From short sexy crops, to investing in hair extensions or a long, languorous silky straight cut. Keep colours simple or natural, blonde highlights emphasise your light-hearted zest for living.


Outspoken and outrageous, you have the kind of charisma that attracts men to you like moths to a flame. Dragon years are lucky ones to be born in, and you have a knack for always falling on your feet, or making a success out of anything you set your mind on. Impulsive but bold, you need to be the centre of attention, and if you're not, you make sure you are.  A luxuriant shimmering mane or wild tousled sexy shags suit your flamboyant nature. And longer waves and curls, with rich colours enhance your inspirational approach to life. This is your year for knowing what you want in life, and getting it. Whether it's a passionate relationship or a action-packed career, go for it.

Hypnotic, mysterious and secretive, you care passionately about people and are infatuated with life and love. Because you're a keen socialiser, you're never without admirers, but you do like to maintain your privacy and independence. This year is one where financial bonuses or a change in status will bring you the success you deserve. Chose a hairstyle that enhances your glamorous enigma.. When you're wheeling and dealing in your cool, unflappable way you need a style that is easy and unfussy, but also emphasises your shimmering allure. Either classical, unpretentious cuts or glossy, smooth, geometric styles suit you best

Relationships will be exhilarating, and career will take up more and more of your time, with a chance for a complete change in fortune. Passionate, fiery and freedom-loving you are also an opportunist.  You adore travelling, and are never happier when in company with others. You're dynamic and passionate about everything you do, but sometimes you burn the candle at both ends or make promises you can't keep. Long tousled manes and wild locks suit your extrovert nature. And to enhance your adventurous spirit go for blonde, red, or multi-coloured lo-lights or highlights. If you're always on the go in your work or always travelling, opt for a sexy shag for easy-care.

Hard-working and easy-going, you prefer a pressure-free environment and men who are sexually imaginative. You're talented and creative, and if you're involved in the arts or media, this could be your year to achieve recognition. From September onwards entertain others with your grace and charm, and you'll be financially rewarded. You have a magical aura, so enhance your seductive nature with classically long and sexy hair styles. Go for sultry colours or low-lights to emphasise your sensual aura. To suit your changeable mood, and for those fabulous romantic evenings, opt for swept up, pinned and tousled tresses.

Free-spirited, original and cooly glamorous you provoke men with your zany approach to life.  This is your year for organizing your life around a new challenge or a radically different relationship. With a diversity of talents you can make huge sums of money, as long as you don't spend it all on impulsive buys. Enhance your rebellious but fun-loving aura with weird, unusual, or bohemian styles. Choose dramatic colours to suit your image-provoking personality, or styles which set you apart from the crowd.
You adore to shock and surprise others with your wild ideas and idealistic plans for the future, so make sure your hair is just as different and daring.

Volatile one minute, the next totally unflappable, men just adore your restless but highly ambitious nature. Self-motivated, and sensually sleek and subtle, you prefer not to let anyone know your deeper feelings. A hectic social life and being the centre of attention keep you motivated. This is your year to make a major career change, and benefit from the acclaim. You adore being in a position of power so you need to look immaculate. Choose an unfussy, quick-to-style cut to enhance your no-nonsense business approach.
Clean lines, short slick bobs or smooth, chic straight cuts will emphasise that fresh, Miss Efficiency image.


Sensitive and changeable, you prefer intimate one-to-one encounters to wild parties. Men adore you for your tranquil, gentle nature, and your serene sexuality. Although you're fun-loving and flirtatious, you're also impatiently ambitious. This is your year for exploring new horizons, meeting fascinating strangers, and the ultimate in romantic encounters.  By the end of November your talents will be noticed by someone who can help make your dreams come true.  Passionate and yet enigmatic, soft sexy hairstyles suit you best, or wanton wild waves for sheer sexiness.  That just 'got out of bed ' look will inspire men to desire you on your many travels.


Honest to the point of being tactless, you're a stunning conversationalist and need to be in a working environment where you can excel as an entrepreneur. Your popularity will bring you great social and personal success this year, and with it a sexually intense and passionate relationship will develop. Down-to-earth and realistic, you're also warm and naturally sensual. Men are transfixed by your natural beauty. So chose a style that's simple my day for those serious business lunches, but can be transformed into bohemian locks for rampant nights. Twist long hair up into loose knots, braids, plaits, or hair extensions.


12 Feb 1956 - 30 Jan 1957
Rooster 31 Jan 57 - 17 Feb 58
Dog 18 Feb 58 - 7 Feb 59
8 Feb 59 - 27 Jan 60
Rat 28 Jan 60 - 14 Feb 61
Ox 15 Feb 61 - 4 Feb 62
Tiger 5 Feb 62 - 24 Jan 63
Rabbit 25 Jan 63 - 12 Feb 64
Dragon 13 Feb 64 - 1 Feb 65
Snake 2 Feb 65 - 20 Jan 66
Horse 21 Jan 66 - 8 Feb 67
Goat 9 Feb 67 - 29 Jan 68
Monkey 30 Jan 68 - 16 Feb 69
Rooster 17 Feb 69 - 5 Feb 70
Dog 6 Feb 70 - 26 Jan 71
Pig 27 Jan 71 - 14 Feb 72
Rat 15 Feb 72 - 2 Feb 73
Ox 3 Feb 73 - 22 Jan 74
Tiger 23 Jan 74 - 10 Feb 75
Rabbit 11 Feb 75 - 30 Jan 76
Dragon 31 Jan 76 - 17 Feb 77
Snake 18 Feb 77 - 6 Feb 78
Horse 7 Feb 78 - 27 Jan 79
Goat 28 Jan 79 - 15 Feb 80
Monkey 16 Feb 80 - 4 Feb 81
Rooster 5 Feb 81 - 24 Jan 82
Dog 25 Jan 82 - 12 Feb 83
Pig 13 Feb 83 - 1 Feb 84
Rat 2 Feb 84 - 19 Feb 85
Ox 20 Feb 85 - 8 Feb 86
Tiger 9 Feb 86 - 28 Jan 87

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