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"Astrosex to Tempt You"


Read exclusive extracts from Sarah Bartlett's forthcoming book, "Astrosex to Tempt You." Discover what makes an Aries tick. What they want in a relationship? Their sexual desires?

pages 14 - 31

Ruling planet:  Mars
Signature Symbol: The Ram
Metal: Iron
Stone: Ruby
Colour: Scarlet

Where to Find Aries: at any sport's venue, cruising the casino or working out down the gym 

Hot Date:  Aries adore action. Go to a cross country rally, the nearest rollercoaster ride or adventure park. Or invite Aries to bungee jump!

Needs and desires: Competitive, feisty and impulsive, Aries needs to be the centre of adoring attention. But a provocative lover is a must.

Top turn-on: erotic fiction, oral sex in the car, spontaneous sex outdoors

Sex position: The Eagle

Sex Toy: Peach, grapes, lickable juicy fruit.

SEX STATISTIC: 89 per cent of Aries are competitive about their sexual performance

Feisty Aries is goal-oriented and aggressive. Impulsive at worst and daredevil at best, this is one outgoing, impatient sign. Rams have to be first in everything.  First to arrive on the date and the first to orgasm.
Aries wants it all, now.  Volatile and daring, their libidos are permanently on red-alert and they love to be sexually challenged.

Action-packed Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. And it¹s not surprising that they¹re renowned for being pushy, overconfident and  feisty.
This of course rubs off on their relationships. If you can keep up with them, or at least keep them chasing after you, then they might find time to stop and get to know you better.  Problem is they are so interested in themselves, what they are going to do tomorrow and how they¹re going to right all the wrongs in the world, that you have to accept you¹re going to be second fiddle to this first violin.

Rams pride themselves on being walking sexbombs. And they do make formidable lovers. Provocative and fiery in bed, they¹re impulsive, charismatic romantics who want action and drama in all aspects of their life. Although they love to show-off their sexual know-how, they won¹t be particularly interested in whether they¹re making the earth move for you too. (Be assertive about your own sexual turn-ons, and they¹ll rise to the occasion in true crusading style).

 But for all their dramatic self-will, the ram is a child at heart. They need adventure, the space to express their temper and a partner who is as independent and spirited as they are. If you¹re an easy catch, they probably won¹t even bother, and if you don¹t enthuse about their latest crusade or the Harley Davidson bike parked up the road, they¹ll be off in search of another equal.  But if you can match them for courage, challenge and personal freedom, they might just hang around with you rather than hang-glide off into the sunset.

Aries is the first masculine sign of the zodiac, self-willed and warrior-like. He adores to chase, hunt and be challenged. And if you let him get too close to you too soon, the chances are he¹ll feel it¹s all too easy, so why bother? The ram is motivated by desire. He lives and breathes it, rarely stopping to eat his lunch let alone your nipples. And because he must be permanently on a quest, you¹ll have to either be equally unavailable, or give him a marathon-like run for his money. This is one self-made man, macho and often accused of egotism. However, he¹s no more self-centred than anyone else, just knows that he has a purpose in life, and that¹s himself, and to prove he¹s a hero and god¹s gift to women. He¹s looking for an ŒExtraordinary woman¹ who can be as independent and adoring as he is, and will join in all those physical sports, particularly sex.


Miss Aries is one determined heroine. And it¹s unlikely she¹ll want to scrub your back and cook your dinner every night. In fact, this independent hot-headed lady needs challenge and romance 24/7. And when you do get hunted down by her, you¹ll realise quickly that you¹re in competition with her, both intellectually and in bed. The lady ram sees the sexual arena and love relationships as a chance to be one-up on her man.  The battle of the sexes was invented for her, and she¹ll be the first to point out that men are from Mars but so are women!  But her greatest qualities shine through if you treat her as an equal.  She¹s sexy, romantic, self-willed and vain. So give her bags of space, be as adventurous as she is, or more, and you¹ll have a chance to be with one very special exciting woman.



Keywords: Irrepressible, impatient, fiery, driven, courageous, challenging, lusty, idealistic, insensitive
LIKES: Freedom, competition, being in love, showing off, one-upmanship
DISLIKES: Routine sex, not getting their way, wimps, being told to wait for anything

Fast-paced Aries isn¹t the easiest zodiac sign to track down. Their love of thrills and spills, adventure and action, means they won¹t hang around in one place for long. But if you¹re up for competition, sport and risks, you might be lucky enough to get hunted out yourself.

Aries is always just in one big hurry everywhere they go. In fact, if they¹re not racing fast cars, beating you to the front of the queue or first to grab a coffee in the corridor, then they¹ll literally push in front and prove they can get their first. Hard-working and energetic, they¹re willing to take risks most people wouldn't dream of, and are brilliant at reinventing new ways of doing traditional things, whether in politics or business.

The thing about Aries is that they prefer tracking you down. So it simply pays to be in the right environment, and with luck, you¹ll have to make a run for it and let them hunt you out. Their innate love of action and adventure means they take to extreme sports like fish to water. If you¹re prepared to be a daredevil bungee jumper, surfer, sky-diver or rock climber, then the chances are you¹ll be desirable.  It¹s far more likely you¹ll find Aries hanging out in fast-food restaurants than a six course gourmet restaurant. They just don¹t have the patience. Check out sports shops too.
They just love trying out all that sporty kit.

Not all Aries are up for physical competitiveness. There are many who adore intellectual challenge instead. They make great philosophers, artists, visonaries and gurus.  With their love of fighting on behalf of the underdog, you¹re also find them in top positions in the legal profession. In fact, they adore all the theatre of the courtroom and rise dynamically to the challenge of winning a legal case.  Aries however, is very rarely at home for long, they¹d rather be jogging round the park, jumping on a bike or tearing round town painting it red. Be one step ahead and the ram will be ready for a new challenge, you. But try and hunt Aries down, and the chances are they¹ll be gone before you even get there.


Fiery Aries can¹t resist throwing themselves about in a disco or night club.
As long as they can lead the dance, you might find they lead you on to sexier things too.

Whether it¹s a grand prix race or a surfer¹s beach, the ram just loves action sports.  Ride the waves, cheer at the chequered flag and you might just get spotted.

Get down to your local public meetings and watch Aries stirred into saving the town from oppressors and bureaucrats alike. Flamboyant stuff.


Dive in and watch out for the ones who dive in and out quicker than you.
Bump into them by chance, flash a sexy smile, and wait to be pursued down the street.


Head hunter
Company director
Financial Advisor
Sports Teacher
Art Director
Fire fighter
Ambulance driver



She¹s the ultimate huntress, and the Aries woman just won¹t take no for an answer. Romantic and feisty she¹s happy to sweep a man off his feet and is challenging and competitive in the bedroom. That¹s why she¹s looking for a lover who not only can match her for spirit but respects her need for independence too.

It¹s the hunt and sexual conquest which turns the Aries woman on, just as much as all the steamy action. In fact, if she¹s ignored or rejected the ram is even more determined to have you. And she will.  Fiery Aries thrives on challenging, adrenalin racing relationships, with men who are equally hot-headed, impulsive and potent. She¹s looking for someone who accepts that she needs to be first in everything, whether it's first in the shower, or the first to win a game of strip poker. When she says she wants sex now, she means now, not later. At parties she¹s one of the biggest flirts around, and she¹ll make the decision about who¹s going to be blessed with her sexy company. 

There are times when Aries is a tad reckless,  leaping into someone's bed without caring if he's already dating or attached.  Ruled by impatient Mars, she needs not only her independence, but a man who's a bit of a local hero and can make her sex life glamourous and stimulating.  She needs change and excitement not routine.

The Aries woman¹s prime astro-erogenous zone begins at the tip of her ear-lobes, extending all around her face, towards her eyes and then up across her forehead. Traditionally Aries rules the head, so  start off by nibbling or gently biting her ear-lobes. Next tongue and caress her ear-lobes and push your tongue a little into her ear and whisper your favourite erotic fantasy.  Next trace your fingers across her face, along the lines of her cheeks and down her nose. Now you¹ve got to speed things up a little, or she¹ll get bored, so kneel or stand above her and rub your penis across her temples to give her a real adrenalin surge, and let the battle commence.

Aries really thrives with a partner who'll compete with her for who's going to be on top in bed, or who just adores having pillow fights.  Danger and excitement also contribute to her adrenalin surges. She¹s more likely to ask for sex at any moment of the day when the feeling comes over her. Slow, sensual foreplay isn¹t for Aries. She just wants to get on with it and climax over and over again. It¹s fast, feisty penetration which electrifies her the most. The more competitive and challenging you are, the more aroused she¹ll get. 


Sex in daylight is a real turn-on, especially if she pretends you¹re a stranger she¹s just met. Try public locations, on the airplane, in the shopping mall, anywhere you can Œnearly¹ make an exhibition of yourselves.
The more likely you are to be caught the better her orgasm. Aries is one of the connoisseurs of sex on the move. She¹ll adore fondling your penis in the car when the traffic lights are red. Mirrors, saucy videos and erotic movies are also her greatest turn ons, and your ram will be in sexual nirvana watching yourself having sex in front of a mirror, or masturbating each other while watching a porn movie.

Electrifying, demanding and provocative, Aries loves to set the pace, to dominate and challenge. Provocative and fiery, she prefers fast, hard stimulation to slow sensual indulgence.  And when she really gives her all, she turns into a real tigress. Talk dirty in her ear, your tongue licking her hard against her neck for instant arousal. Her quick responses and multiple orgasms, means she often won't wait for you to come. And she won¹t be slowed down by anybody. Aries is secretly in need of sexual freedom, and can resort to having sex for the sake of sex, and often sleeps around. Her biggest challenge is to learn to accept that her man isn¹t just a rival to be beaten on an intimate basis. She needs to learn to let go, and at times let you take control so that she can liberate her vulnerable feminine soul, rather than merely act out the dominatrix. Don¹t forget that Aries is passionate, erotic and a secret romantic. An attention seeker, if she feels insecure she can get jealous.  Most of all, love her for the moment.  Don¹t ask about commitment, and stay independent and very hard to catch. Sexual exclusivity is not in the Aries vocabulary. But match her for sexual potency, and  and she might stay longer than she intended.

Does this sound like any Aries you know?


We'd love to hear about what you think - leave your comments in the comment section below 


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