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Zodiac Pet Horoscopes


Just like you, your pet was born under one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Read Sarah Bartlett's pet horoscopes to find out how the stars and planets affect your pets.



Hang on a minute, I hear you twitter, how could one goldfish be any different from another goldfish?  Well, look, if the planets effect us, and if the moon effects the sea, it's only natural that our pets are going to have characters all of their own too. So the Leo goldfish swims round feeling extremely good about himself, (watch him carefully, there's a glimmer of arrogance in his beady little eyes) while the Pisces thinks, 'oh well, no-one understands me.' Now you can read all about the cute, crazy or impossible personality streaks of your favourite pet, what kind of love he or she thrives on and whether they're compatible with you.



glyph_aries_40.gifTHE ARIES PET
Great play-mate and companion as long as they get as much exercise as possible. (Hey, even Aries hamsters want to show you how fast they can go in that wheel). But they're also bossy, pushy, demanding and temperamental.
Aries pets like an active life, so don't molly-coddle or spoil them because they're rather aware of their body image and they'll only resent you if they start getting overweight. Canine Aries want to be top dogs, so give them plenty of activity to keep them on their paws; feline Aries will spit and hiss if you take away that mouse -  but they'll get over it. Be prepared for a healthy competition between you and your Aries pets and they'll be the most extrovert, exciting and lively of friends.

Most compatible owners: Leo and Sagittarius

Most incompatible owners: Virgo and Cancer


glyph_taurus_40.gif THE TAURUS PET
Give your Taurus pet an easy-going, routine environment and they'll be the most calming, supportive and loving pets ever. Taurus pets are however rather lazy and quite greedy. They like cuddling up to you on the sofa, can't wait for the next meal and are stubborn about getting what they want.
And when they want something they'll let you know it. Your canine friend will hang around the fridge with a sad look on his face, your feline friend will purr all over you, but the loyalty and love these pets give back is pure affection. Make sure you maintain a daily routine for your Taurus pet, and give them a warm, snuggly bed or even the sofa to sleep on or a fabulous underwater world of rocks and caves for that goldfish, and you'll be rewarded with a genuine four-legged (two, or none as the case may be) pal for life.

Most Compatible owners:  Virgo and Capricorn

Most incompatible owners: Sagittarius and Aquarius


glyph_gemini_40.gifTHE GEMINI PET
Well the joy, if you can call it that, about Gemini pets is you've got two pets for the price of one! Or is this double trouble? One minute they're fun to have around and unpredictable in their habits, the next your favourite pet is bored and restless and wants someone to play with.  Your feline Gemini will suddenly starts clawing your bed in the middle of the night, while your Gemini dog picks up his lead in his mouth a thousand times a day in the hope you'll go for yet another walk.  Gemini pets hate routine, they don't like being made to perform 'tricks' and are genuinely curious about life. Even Gemini goldfish have been known to swim backwards just to try something new. Give your Gemini pet loads of entertainment, and you'll have a laugh a minute.

Most compatible owners: Sagittarius, Libra

Most incompatible owners: Scorpio, Capricorn


glyph_cancer_40.gif THE CANCER PET
The perfect house pet, Cancer loves being at home and adores family life.
They are also acutely sensitive to the atmosphere, so if you're a family who's always shouting or squabbling or have no routine or no-one's ever in, then the Cancer pet is not for you. The canine Cancer is a real lap-dog, the cat a real sucker for being stroked and brushed. Both love the luxuries of life and hate to be left alone. Cancer pets thrive on a good night's sleep, and they really don't travel well. Cancer dogs usually take a long time to adapt to the family car,  but once they do, they'll treat it as part of the home and defend it vociferously. The plus side of Cancer pets is they genuinely care about you too.

Most compatible owners: Pisces, Virgo
most incompatible owners: Aries, Gemini


glyph_leo_40.gif THE LEO PET
What a star. The Leo pet must be the centre of attention, and if you're not grooming, walking, admiring (yes, smile adoringly at that goldfish every
day) or showing them off to your friends then your fiery friend will sulk or run away from home. Leo pets are special, and they believe they're the only one on the throne and that's that. Feline Leos are notoriously proud of their coat, and spend an awful lot of time grooming and lounging around like royalty. Canine Leos are usually those handsome dogs you see in the park.
They like to strut their stuff and prove they're a bit of a celebrity in the dog world. (Buy them the most expensive collar you can afford and watch them show off). All Leo wants is to be number one in the family, and with a lot of attention and praise you'll have a pet who lights up your life too.

Most compatible owners: Libra, Sagittarius

Most incompatible owners: Aries, Aquarius


glyph_virgo_40.gifTHE VIRGO PET
Virgo pets are as fussy about their food and their 'toilette' as human Virgos. They hate being stared at, and can't bear change or noisy people.
OK, sounds like they're hard work? Well, not if you're house proud and want a pet that’s sensible, calm, clean and well-behaved. Virgo makes the most reliable and undemanding pet around. Canine Virgos may not be the most extroverted dogs, but they're extremely smart and quick to suss you and other people out. If a stranger enters your home, check out your Virgo's reactions, probably more astute than your own. Feline Virgos prefer grown-ups and civilised households and like to think they're as bright as you are. Give your Virgo pet a calm, routine lifestyle and they'll be the clean, intelligent and loving animal you wanted all along.

Most compatible owners: Taurus, Capricorn Most incompatible owners: Leo, Pisces

glyph_libra_40.gifTHE LIBRA PET
Socially, your Libra pet loves to be part of the family and hates to be left alone at home. Canine Librans adore getting out and about and want to go everywhere with you; feline Librans usually get friendly with the cat or mouse next door. Libran pets are easy-going, don't make much of a fuss about anything and simply want to make you happy. As long as you give them lots of attention and keep them looking immaculate (yes, they're secretly very vain),  Libran pets are docile and non-aggressive. Libran pets can get bored easily though, so it's often worth having a companion cat or dog to keep them amused. Even Libran goldfish need some company.

Most compatible owners: Gemini, Aquarius

Most incompatible owners:  Scorpio, Leo


glyph_scorpio_40.gifTHE SCORPIO PET
Now this thing about a sting in the tail is true of your pets too. They get terribly miffed if you wrong them, and canine Scorpios have been known to take revenge by peeing on the most delicate plant in the garden when you're not looking. So be warned. Scorpio pets are suspicious of strangers, but they are also acutely intuitive. Your feline Scorpio will 'know' what you're feeling and purr appropriately; your canine Scorpio will 'know' how to get you to give him the bone in the fridge without even asking, and your Scorpio rat can see right through you. Don't say to Fido, 'shame, we can't go to the park today because it's closed', because he'll know you just can't be bothered. Be prepared to tell the truth and nothing but, and then your Scorpio pet will defend you to the hilt, (yes, even Scorpio goldfish have leapt out of their bowls) and put their utter trust in you. And that kind of bond is about unbreakable loyalty.

Most compatible owners: Taurus, Cancer
Most incompatible owners: Gemini, Libra


glyph_sagittarius_40.gifTHE SAGITTARIUS PET
Rather unreliable in their affection, the Sagittarian pet is however a hilarious companion. They love getting out and about and canine Saggys need loads of exercise, adore travelling and the great outdoors. What they hate is routine and waiting around at home for something to happen. Feline Saggys are on the prowl most of the time, so if you live in a flat without access to the outside, don't take on a saggy cat or the place will be torn to shreds.  Saggy pets just want fun and fresh air, and you might need to keep a handy supply of lotions in the house when they get into scrapes out and about. Don't be too strict about what they eat (variety is the key) and never give them slobbery kisses. These are independent pets, so treat them with respect.

Most compatible owners: Aquarius, Gemini

Most incompatible owners: Cancer, Virgo


glyph_capricorn_40.gifTHE CAPRICORN PET
Capricorn pets are sensible, unfussy and dedicated to you. In fact, they aren't exactly bundles of outrageous fun, but they make the most gentle, wise and easy-going of companions. Capricorns pets are born 'grown-up, so they're easy to housetrain and they thrive on routine, routine, routine.
Feline Capricorns are a little haughty, keep themselves to themselves, but like to be pampered now and again but, only when they chose to come to you and rub up your leg in that most flattering of ways. However, all Capricorn pets have a secret side; if you get in a strop about your bank statement or someone makes your blood boil, your pet will feel either worried or responsible. They need a calm household, good manners and gentle owners, and then they'll love you for life.

Most compatible owners: Cancer, Capricorn

Most incompatible owners: Aries, Leo


glyph_aquarius_40.gif THE AQUARIUS PET
Slightly crazy, the Aquarius pet is actually incredibly smart. They just like to keep you on your toes by doing exactly what you weren't expecting them to do.  Aquarian pets prefer an unconventional family or lifestyle.
Canine Aquarians aren't awfully obedient, so if you want a disciplined dog, opt for a Virgo or a Capricorn. But they are funny, highly intelligent and more likely to run the household than you think. Aquarian cats do mad things like climbing your favourite curtains and trapping the dog next door.  All Aquarian pets though don't really have one master or mistress, they're everybody's friends and want to be your equal, so play the 'animals have rights too' game, or else.

most compatible owners: Gemini, Sagittarius

Most incompatible owners: Taurus, Virgo


glyph_pisces_40.gifTHE PISCES PET
Pisces pets are sensitive, psychic and charming. In fact, their sweet natures make them easy to have around the home. However, Pisces dogs do need lots of attention, cuddles and reassurance, otherwise they begin to feel invisible and worry that no-one understands them. Feline Pisces don't like loud noises and are often called scaredy cats, because they'd rather avoid confrontation than face it. Pisces pets don't have big appetites, and they can also be quite lazy. Pisces dogs  aren't exactly the adventurous Fido types who'll scale the mountains with you, but they do like to feel content, laidback and well, life's not a big rush to do anything much, is it? Give them space, a quiet life and they'll be the most gentle and caring companions around.

most compatible owners:  Cancer, Libra
most incompatible owners: Aries, Aquarius





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