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An Astrological Survival Guide this Festive Season


Romantic Revelations by Rhianne 

“Aunt Maud’s having a Family get together and you’re all invited”…

It’s the annual invite that’s a bit like marmite, some people can’t wait to spend a few days cocooned with their family over the festive season and for others it’s their worst nightmare.

But how do you navigate the Festive Season without offending anyone and causing family upsets?

There’s Uncle Harry who likes to chatter not stop about his potted plant collection and Rod, Harry’s eldest son the long haired rock guitarist who wants you to play drums while he practices his guitar and little Annabelle Rod’s sister who wants to play dress up and show you her new dolls that Santa brought her! All the while Aunt Maud is really needing you to lend a hand in the kitchen!

Eeek! – Christmas Brandy anyone? Medicinal purposes only, you understand!

Well this year I’ve got you covered and I’m right here in your back pocket to help guide you through this Festive Season with all the demands that it can bring.

Leo’s are the sign that would  be able to easily navigate the festive demands they love being in company, having attention and helping out, so a family get together would come so natural and easy to these Fire sign folk.

xmasevent shutterstock 232918189

It’s also likely if you’re a Leo you’d be organising your own games such as charades perhaps for all the family to join in with.  For Leo’s the family gathering is right up their street, no festive season problems here!

Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, ok guys this could be a little trickier particularly when you’re in an environment  with lots of people for long periods of time.  So for you it’s important to have a little escape route planned.

Don’t want to help Rod practise his guitar, play dress up or look at potted plants, no problem.  Have a quick chat with each keep it friendly and polite and then head off to the safety of Aunt Maud’s kitchen, you’ll soon be able to find a list of things she needs from the shops.  Create the role of kitchen assistant for yourself.  Offer to nip to the shops for the essentials, get a nice long walk and a breath of fresh air, just to gather your thoughts, win/win.  This will keep you safe you from unnecessary small talk which could leave you with your head spinning.

Gemini, Aquarius and Libra, you friendly communicative bunch!  Family get togethers should be pretty smooth running for you, but conversations can be a problem if the small talk gets out of hand. Write yourself a list of conversational topics and keep the conversations flowing, you’ll soon have the family eating out of your hand with your quick wit, anecdotes and impressive knowledge. 

Uncles Harry potted pants may interest you as you’re usually keen as an air element  to add to your knowledge.  Playing drums may not be quite up your street but fear not your Aries pal will love that. Aries love to try their hand at anything so leave the drum and guitar to them this festive season!

Sagittarians keep things running smoothly and are good for diffusing difficult situations, if tensions do occur, make sure you have a Sagittarian in your corner to help out.

Needing to get everyone there and back smoothly, have your Virgo pal organise the transport and you won’t go far wrong, with these organised Earth signs everyone will get to Aunt Maud’s without a hitch.

If Uncles Harry is a Taurus, he might get a little cantankerous, so make sure someone goes to look at his pot plants, Librans are known for their diplomacy so send in the Calvary and get your Libra pal to help out.

Capricorns are the backbone of any get together and generally run around making sure everyone is ok, that they are fed, watered and enjoying themselves.


So you see, with a little astrological know how, the trip to Aunt Maud’s can become an absolute joy!

Tune back next week for more Astrological Insights, Wisdom from the Tarot and Practical Solutions. To book a love and relationships reading with one of Rhianne's team call 0800 0673 577 


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