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How does the Full Moon in Taurus impact YOUR relationship?

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Romantic Revelations by Rhianne - How does the full moonin Taurus impact YOUR relationship?

The moon moves into Taurus on the 12th November as a Full Moon and is sometimes called the Beaver Moon. The name is said to come from the activity of beavers building their winter dams.

As we already know the full moon can affect us on a personal level, but I thought I’d take a look this week specifically at how the full moon in Taurus can impact our relationships and what we need to know about it.

After all knowledge is power!
If you haven’t already, it would be worth reading my post ‘Moon Magic’  just to get a feel of how and why the moon influences us. Then head back here for the specific low down on the effects of the Taurus full moon.

All up to speed? Great!
So, the full moon this month is in Taurus and what we know about Taureans in general is that they don’t like to be rushed, they take things nice and slow. They like to explore things thoroughly and experience life through all of the senses. When it comes to love and romance with Taureans they are incredibly passionate.
So far so good, but how will this Taurus Full Moon influence YOU and YOUR loved one?
First of all, expect the pace of this month to be slow. If you’re expecting quick decisions to be made and want to rush or hurry things along in your relationship, then it’s likely that those things will have to wait until next month.
if you’re wanting to notch up a level in the commitment area of your relationships it can be frustrating particularly if your partner just doesn’t seem to be in a rush. It’s a case of just going with the flow and remembering the pace of Taurus is S-L-O-W.


But there is good news so fear not.

For those of you in the beginning stages of your relationships this is a really great time to cement things. The energy of the November full moon will really help you to create that strong and stable foundation for the future. So instead of looking for words of commitment or huge gestures from your loved one focus more this month on stabilising what you do have. After all a rock-solid foundation will help to weather any storm that may come along in the future, so really it’s a Win/Win!

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For those of you already in relationships this months’ full moon is a great time to re-commit to each other, renewing your vows perhaps, or just spending some quality time with each other.
If on the other hand you are looking to connect with someone new, then this full moon bodes really well for you. Any connection made at this time will have the potential for longevity and commitment, so a great time to hit that new bar in town and mingle like never before!

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Just to add a little wisdom from the Tarot into the mix for you too, you may not know this, but the Astrological sign of Taurus has its very own Tarot card! The card for Taurus is the Hierophant and interestingly enough the Hierophant’s Tarot meaning is: Gaining or seeking knowledge from a professional!
So, if you’re looking for further insights on your relationship then this month’s full moon energy would be a fabulous time to have a tarot reading just to shed some more light on your situation and gain some clarity!

For more Astrological Insight, Wisdom from the Tarot and Practical Solutions, tune back next week.

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