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How to Keep your Friendships Alive Part 1

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Romantic Revelations by Rhianne 

Last week we had a look at what to do when your friend becomes a little bit jealous or feels left out because you have a new man in your life.

This can be a tricky situation to navigate and one that needs good communication skills. With a little bit of astrological insight and perception the situation can be turned around into something that can serve to strengthen your friendship rather than destroy it.
So, this week we’re going to take a look at what activities you and your friend can do together to help keep your friendship alive whilst also navigating your new relationship.

I’m going to walk through all 12 signs with you over the next two weeks and take a look at the best activities that you can plan with your friend based on their astrological sign. You may even find that your new man wants to get involved now and then which is a win/win. Perhaps he has a friend that he can bring along as a blind date for your friend… Even better!
Ok, so without further ado let’s take a look

If your friend is an Aquarius then anything where you can both learn something new together or explore a common interest would be good. Aquarians are air signs, they are logical and cerebral, so if they are learning or expanding their knowledge in some way that would be great for them.

The question to ask is: What are they already interested in? For example, if they have a passion for a certain period in history then it could be a museum trip together. Do they love the work of a particular artist? Then perhaps a trip to an art gallery. So, you see, with a little astrological know how you can really spoil your friend and make them feel part of your life and included again.

Pisces a strong water sign would likely be over the moon with a trip to the seaside, or equally at home just having a girly night in sharing their feelings, thoughts and watching a rom com. Being out in nature also may appeal to your fishy friend, so perhaps a walk in the countryside.

Aries love to be out and about and being among the action of life. Is there something new happening in town? If so, tickets for the front row seat on the opening night would be sure to impress your fire sign friend.

Taurus, with these earthy types, nothing too hectic would be fine for your Taurus pal, or even just talking to them about planning something for the future for the two of you would be great. Remember with the earth signs they don’t like too many surprises and prefer to plan ahead.

Gemini on the other hand, just try and stop them! One whiff of an adventure and they’ll be right by your side so an action-packed day or weekend away would surprise and delight your Gemini pal.


Cancerians are the home bodies of the astrological signs, perhaps planning a nice family day out with them would make your Cancerian pal feel less distant from you. It might even be a case of inviting them along with you and your new man but asking him to bring along a pal for your Cancerian, this could work quite nicely! If you don’t feel that this would be right for your Cancerian friend then perhaps a picnic lunch just the two of you in nature, having a girly gossip and a catch up.
Hopefully this will have given you a few ideas to help keep your friendship alive while at the same time navigating your new relationship. Tune back next week for part 2 of How To Keep Your Friendships Alive.

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