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How to keep your Friendships Alive - Part 2

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Romantic Revelations by Rhianne 

Last week we were looking at how to keep your friendship alive when you’ve found a new partner and are less able to spend time with your long-time friend. Last week we were looking at how to keep your friendship alive when you’ve found a new partner and are less able to spend time with your long-time friend. 

She is perhaps starting to feel a little left out and you’re noticing a distance between the two of you.  So, I thought we could take a look at what activities you could do together based on your friends' astrological sign to keep things alive and well.

Last week we looked Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Cancer and Gemini. This week we’re going to continue our journey and I’m walking you through Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn.
Ready? Ok. Here we go…

Leo’s love all things regal and luxurious so it may be a great idea to have a spa day with your Leo pal a day of pampering a relaxation while you catch up on all the girly chatter. Leo’s like to look good so perhaps a day of shopping would also appeal, checking out the latest trends and new season clothes.

Virgo’s being health conscious and orderly will likely want to know in advance what you are planning so it’s not too much of a surprise but perhaps a lovely meal out somewhere would be right up your Virgo’s street, a new bistro in town perhaps so you can chatter and while away the hours. If you both want to be outdoors for a catch up perhaps a nice stroll in the countryside or bike ride would appeal to your Virgo pal.

Librans love balance and harmony so would likely relish some quality time to get your friendship back on track and with their easy-going nature would be open to most options. Remember that Libra is an air sign which means communication and chatter will need to figure somewhere so going to the pictures wouldn’t be the best idea because you won’t be able to talk!



Scorpio with their emotional depths and need for emotional thrill could take you both anywhere from bungee jumping to race car driving for a day… Crikey! But whatever gets the heart pumping and the pulse racing would appeal to your Scorpio pal. Water types are very sensitive so it’s a great idea to reconnect now and then if you have a new partner just so that they don’t feel as though you’ve abandoned them.

Sagittarians with their adventurous spirit will likely want to be outdoors, rock climbing, horse-riding perhaps, or just visiting places of interest would appeal. Sagittarians aren’t the jealous type so if you don’t see your Sagittarian friend for a few weeks because of a new love interest it’s likely they won’t be too offended and will just take it in their stride.

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Capricorns with their love of being organised aren’t going to like surprises, so here’s a nifty little trick with your Capricorn, suggest to them you would like to spend some time catching up and ask what they would like to do! I’m sure they will come up with some ideas that you will both love. Alternatively, most Capricorns love music, so if there’s a concert in town or a band that your Capricorn has been wanting to see then this would be a great opportunity to surprise them.
Friendships are important in life so with a little astrological know how you can keep them alive and well for years to come. A new love interest doesn’t have to spoil your long-term friendships, it’s just a case of a little effort and some astrological understanding to keep things ticking along nicely!
Tune back next week for more Astrological Insights, Wisdom from the Tarot and Practical Solutions. To book a love and relationships reading with one of Rhianne's team call 0800 0673 577 


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