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Rhianne's Romantic Revelations - Spice Up Your Love Life

How To Spice Up Your Love Life During Virgo Season

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As Virgo season is upon us I thought we could take a look at how you can use the Virgo energy to spice up your love life.

Virgo’s in general are known for their groundedness, unflapability, and superb organisational skills.

Virgo season brings with it a calmness and feeling of being able to exhale and relax especially after the fire energy that could have really seen  life being on fast forward for many of you with the recent Leo season.

So, how do we use this new energy to our advantage in the area of love?

Well, the first thing you could do is to have a de-clutter.  Virgo’s love to be organised so taking time to re-organise your wardrobe and your home area in general will really benefit from  a little VA VA VA Voom of Virgo energy.

If you’re single it means that as you create space in your home area, particularly if you leave space in your wardrobes and bathroom for example,  then on an energy level you also create space for someone new to come into your life.  Or, if you’re already attached it helps create more time to spend with your loved one and stops your energy from being too scattered.

Everything around you is a reflection of the inner you, and as you de-clutter and make space externally it de-clutters and makes space internally in terms of time and space which will bring huge benefits.

“Ok, great what else can I do?” I hear you say.

Well, Virgo’s are known for their deep introspection and they even have a Tarot card of their own ‘The Hermit’ which depicts that lovely introspective Virgo energy.

So perhaps you may enjoy a short break away with your loved one, some quality time that you can spend together  without friends and family calling round.

With the hecticness of the Leo energy along with the recently departed Mercury Retrograde the Virgo energy this month comes as a very welcome relief.

Sounds great!  Don’t mind if I do. Thank you very much Virgo Season

Ok so with all this earth energy,  quality time with your loved one and de-cluttering going on this month lets see if the Tarot can add any more insight into this energy for us.

The Magician – The Chariot – The Eight of Cups

Because we are in Virgo season which is one of the the most grounded, stable and calm energies and the Magician is ruled by Mercury which is all about communication, the Magician is suggesting that Virgo season is a really  great time for connection and communication.


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 If you’re single then this is a great time to be out and about and mingling.  If you’re already coupled up then this would be a great time to have a conversation with your loved one particularly if you haven’t had chance to have a deep and meaningful conversation for some time. With all that lovely earth energy the conversation is likely to go very well!

Virgo’s are known for being organised so if you are wanting to go on a short trip and have some alone time with your other half during this time or even a long trip for that matter The Chariot is giving you the green light. The Chariot talks about travel and with the Virgo energy swirling around it’s likely to go without a hitch. This would be a good time also for you and your partner to look at long term goals, and for making plans!

If however things aren’t going too well for you in your relationship area right now the Virgo energy along with the Eight of Cups is suggesting to wait before you bid a quick and hasty farewell to your loved one and instead use the Virgo energy for  a little introspection.  Perhaps the earthy feel of Virgo can help you to see things from a different perspective or even help you to find a more practical solution to any challenges you may be facing right now.

Tune back next week for more Astrological Insight, Wisdom from the Tarot and Practical Solutions.

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