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I Love You Darling, But...

i-love-you-but.jpgDo you remember any of your ex's saying the following? 
Well you’ll be glad that they’re out of your life once you remember their annoying habits, take a look and see if the following list stirs any memories...

MAN: Always knows a short cut even though it takes you miles out of your way.
WOMAN: Can’t wait to tell you a secret.
BOTH: Act first, think afterwards.

MAN: He is always right, his is the only way.
WOMAN: Has no sense of time.
BOTH: Are hopeless at repeating jokes or messages.

MAN: A little backward in coming forward, you can lead him but never drive him.
WOMAN: Happier with a safety pin than a needle and thread.
BOTH: Need a gun to get them up in the morning, or to bed at night.

MAN: Over considerate, like when you’re half way across a crowded restaurant and he calls to tell you where the loo is.
WOMAN: Won’t move outside the door unless every hair and eyelash is in place.
BOTH: Take too long over every detail.

MAN: Thinks nothing of telling your friend how much you paid for your new coat.
WOMAN: Over house-proud and over protective.
BOTH: Must have the last word.

MAN: He’s very punctual, but won’t understand others aren’t the same.
WOMAN: Waits until you’re miles from home before she remembers she’s left the cat in the oven.
BOTH: Cant help doodling.

MAN: Always tells you what a mess you look, after you’re out.
WOMAN: Just can’t help flirting.
BOTH: Are tops as critics.

MAN: Can’t keep his hands off his tie.
WOMAN: Asks what you’d like for tea and then serves something completely different.
BOTH: Clumsy, in a nice way.

MAN: Thinks nothing of bringing friends home - when you’re not prepared.
WOMAN:  Spends all the housekeeping money on things she didn’t want anyway.
BOTH: Manic finger tappers.

MAN: Can make popping out for a minute last two hours.
WOMAN: Always wise after the event.
BOTH: Backseat drivers.

MAN: Always runs out of cigarettes and then smokes yours.
WOMAN: Always takes a suggestion as a promise.
BOTH: Talk too much.

MAN: Can’t help the nervous action of pulling or scratching his nose.
WOMAN: Uses chairs and floor as a wardrobe.
BOTH: Never bother about an ashtray when there’s a floor handy.

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