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Jupiter, Mars and the rise of the Phallic Symbol


Jupiter and Mars, the planets of passion and potency, are in dramatic focus and together they represent raw phallic sexual energy. The puissance of the phallic symbol is of course the penis, but if you haven't got one to hand - your boyfriend's or lover's - then here's how to inject some phallic energy into your life and be fabulously aroused into action.

The phallic symbol has been used for thousands of years to potentise more than erotic fun. Drawings of the phallus were placed in houses as insurance against fire or being struck by lightening. Phallic-shaped cakes were baked to enlighten stupid or slow-witted monks in the East; in Europe, huge phalluses were painted on property boundaries to protect against thieves and mark out territory. Phallus derives from an ancient word meaning 'to swell'.  There are no points for guessing how the image of the penis was, and still is, the most potent phallic symbol of them all.

Each sun-sign has a different way of expressing its own impetus or sexual urge. This phallic sense is just as important to women as is their femininity. If you want to revitalise your dynamic yang spirit, then here are some hot tips for igniting sexual potency. If you've got a lover or partner, chose a symbol from his Sun-sign selection to potentise you both.

The Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, have an extroverted style, so may need to compliment their fiery natures with moderate -  though not necessarily modest -  phallic images. Paintings, prints, or photographs of spouting fountains, sperm-whales rising out of the sea, or the sexy spirit of dolphins are excellent inducers of vibrant energy. Gaze at your phallic images each night before making love, or if sleeping alone imagine dolphins swirling and caressing you before you nod off.

Huge church candles are powerful phallic images which suit the Water signs, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Bathe by candlelight before you go out on a date to ensure your inner potency is enriched and eroticised. Bed-time is a place of secrets for Water signs, so if alone place a drawing of a phallus under your pillow for maximum regenerative power, if you've got company then write the word phallus across your lover's belly with your finger.

For the air signs, Gemini, Aquarius and Libra, phallic symbols should be tactile and as close to resembling the human penis as possible. Place a dildo on your mantelpiece or bedroom window-sill, finger it daily to potentise your sexual imagination. The old joke about bananas, ice-cream cornets, and chocolate bars may be out-dated, but place your lips around your favourite phallic food, close your eyes and experience the fantasy of an erotic encounter with your ideal lover.

The Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn can excite their more laid back passion and potency with a 'well-hung phallic library'. Chose photos and images from magazines of favourite male members and create a montage above your bed, or beside your bath. If you have a lover, photograph him naked and aroused.  Keep the tastiest bit of the snapshot nestled in your wallet or purse for sheer phallic delight and daring.



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