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Know your love signs - Aquarius


Rainbow Warrior

by Jason Caddy

The eye can distinguish 500 different shades of grey and Aquarius sees love through an equally complex prism.

If indulged, feelings are endlessly analysed and then refuse to ever sit still. Even when they’re head over heels they’ll intellectualise how they feel.


They also put as much stock by righting wrongs, campaigning and championing the cause of an underdog who’s just waltzed into their lives. This is why their lovers perhaps never feel 100 per cent integrated with them, and so Aquarius can attract a partner that likes to keep even a tiny part of him or herself back too, so that it balances the books. They may also reject based on a misguided feeling that they’ll eventually be given the boot. This is the perversity of the brilliant Aquarian mind.


But love does find Aquarius whether they like it or not. And they do like it. Vey much. Although privacy is a top priority being on the same axis as the sign that rules wider gratification, Leo, Aquarius also has a need for recognition in its own right. In everyday terms this translates to lots of social outlets, or pursuing a career that elevates their status or profile in some way. But they’re not overtly fame hungry.

A terrific match for Aquarius is Leo – or someone with Leo-dominant chart – but as the sign of a million contacts, they can adapt to whomever they want to. Either that or their quiet charisma entreaties others to bend a little to suit them in a way that they probably wouldn’t even consider doing for someone else. They can be a handful, but alluring with it, with less being most definitely more where the outpouring of feelings is concerned. This is why they agitate the interest of people who thrive on a challenge.


Aquarius rules the Achilles heel, the ankles and the shins, which are all fairly vulnerable parts of the body. So they may not be as tough as old boots after all, and so with so many internal tussles, reaching their own unique version of the Promised Land in love can be a long haul for some of them.

Aquarius and the Fire signs
All the fire signs naturally intrigue Aquarius. It’s that elemental ease that exists between air and fire. As I’ve said, the one that leaves the others in its dust is Leo, as there’s a tacit understanding between them and a no frills quality that other signs would struggle with. They’re both fixed signs so they know they can count on each other.
But Aries and Sagittarius still get a look in of course, and these two have a knack of sympathising with the Aquarian independent streak, as it runs through them too.  This won’t necessarily stand in the way of romantic love developing, but as far friendship goes it’s a winning formula.

Aquarius and the Earth signs
Taurus infuriates Aquarius, but not enough to snuff out the sexual spark completely. Both signs are the very definition of stubborn, so this relationship may get stuck on parallel lines that never converge, although this tends to improve with age.
Virgo flies the flag for letting the head rule the heart striking up a band in chorus within Aquarius. They both have a knack of intellectualising emotion so that they feel comfortable with it. Although Virgo’s nit picking may infuriate at times, Aquarius is willing to overlook this.
Capricorn and Aquarius share some of the same instincts so this can be a fruitful match. Although as two outer planetary signs far removed from the sun, aloofness or a casual indifference towards one another also come into it.

Aquarius and the Air signs
Gemini and Libra people set Aquarius immediately at ease. Although great for fraternal love this might leave some Aquarians feeling cheated out of the sexual chemistry they need. Someone disagreeing with them for the sake of it turns them on, but the other air signs don’t usually trade in this type of currency unless there are other stronger influences bearing down on the chart.
Their general demeanour is more thoughtful and evolved, and so an air sign partnership will always be blessed with terrific mental rapport.

Aquarius and the Water signs
Airy Aquarius is often mistaken as a water sign because of its symbolism, and perhaps there’s something in this. Maybe they can tune into their inner watery depths should they so choose, even though they’re usually kept well hidden.
Cancer and Aquarius will be turned on by each other, and this is even more likely with Scorpio, and depending on whether Venus happens to sit in a common sign where Pisces is concerned, things could either run like clockwork or be subject to frequent delays.

How to win the heart of Aquarius
They don’t cope well with added pressure so bear this in mind. They also demonstrate affection unconventionally.
Aquarius rules the brain so puzzles and crosswords intrigue them, as do solitary activities, but it’s not much good getting them a 1000-piece puzzle to tackle if you’re hoping your gift is going to pave the way for love. Unless it’s a puzzle depicting your face of course, which would appeal to their sense of humour.
They also relate to outsiders, so a biography of someone who made a success of life on their own terms would be a good buy.

Jason Caddy

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