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Know your love signs - Aries


Does your life require more Ram?

by Jason Caddy

My ears pricked up listening to a rare interview with UK actress Penelope Keith some time ago where she credited her long marriage to the fact she and her husband are both Aries.

She then trotted out all the positive and negative ram traits, concluding that a mutual understanding gained from sharing this sign, brought them constancy.


Some signs do rub each other up the right way (Gemini is a good example, as they often come in pairs) but I’d never really thought of Aries in the same bracket(s) before. Although I suppose it would follow that such a self-assured sign requires that self-same quality be reflected right back at them. If you do want to capture the heart of someone born under this, the first sign, then you must consider its prime position in the zodiac. This colours the Aries attitude to love.

This is the sign of ego and we can thank our lucky stars for it. Without it we’d all be severely lacking by way of a pioneering, competitive spirit. By dint of this Aries is bound to magnetise those with an equally healthy sense of self – and so naturally other Aries people fit the bill. But this isn’t an exclusive club, and Aries look for plenty of other virtues in love as well as life.


A good starting point is remembering that each sign rules a part of the body, and for them it’s the head.
If it’s not a scar on the face or the neck, then it’s a head-related condition, or that this part of the body is in some way involved in their lives. An above average number of hairdressers that have cut my hair are Aries, or have it rising. How do I know? I always make a point of enquiring.

How does this dictate how they operate in love? They’re headstrong and often dive headfirst into a relationship, and I wouldn’t be fibbing if I said that their heads rule their hearts. So you’ll often find them committed to cerebral signs like Gemini and Virgo.
When they inevitably do hit some flack in love, Aries can be blighted by headaches.

Aries and the Fire signs
All the fire signs are emotional powder kegs - the others being Leo and Sagittarius - but Aries is generally the least demonstrative of the three.
Their elemental affinity means their paths will often cross, creating lots of pushing and shoving. But the fire signs aren’t in it for an easy ride anyway, and so the rockier patches excite them.
When fire meets fire the result is unquestionably sparky and highly sexual to begin with, but a passing air sign may snuff it out.

Aries and the Air signs
I’ve already mentioned Gemini and the meeting of the minds, but the ram’s opposite sign and second air sign, Libra, colours in the bits of their personality that are blank. They can enrich each other’s lives. Although of all the opposite sign pairings this is the one I’ve come across the least.
Aries and Aquarius can also be tricky proposition.
Aquarius demands either an immediate affinity from Aries, or quietly demands they have the patience of a statue in a park to drill down into the rich layers of their psyche. Patience is not an Aries strongpoint, although rising to a challenge is.

Aries and the Earth signs
Aries and Taurus isn’t a textbook match. Taurus can be a bit too meandering for Aries, although David and Victoria Beckham have made a damn good go of it. But scratch below the sun sign surface - as is so often the case with solar astrology - and their affinity is perhaps more to do with their Aquarian moons.
Virgo and Aries is a good combo that appreciates in each other a no-frills, efficient quality, with low emotional maintenance.
Capricorn and Aries make for a power couple if they’re able to tone down one-upmanship tendencies. Capricorn rules the knees and can therefore take Aries places, if they agree to synthesize.

Aries and the Water signs
The energy generated from Aries with Scorpio is like a fired torpedo drilling through the ocean. Power struggles aside there’s a lot of laughter in the dark, and other aspects in the chart often conspire to ensure this particular volcano remains active.
Then there’s Pisces with Aries. As side-by-side signs they may share common planets in signs, and this can enhance their compatibility potential.
I know dozens of Cancer-Aries pairings. There’s a savage intensity between these two, and what appears to be a very good physical match. Cancer keeps Aries’ interest from flagging (no cinch) and the crab yields more than other signs are willing to do when Aries is in petulant mode.
As in all the healthiest relationships the balance of power quickly shifts to Cancer, a sign that is equally self-possessed, although in a quieter way. Their home-making ability and ability to pull rabbits out of hats and keep the wolf from the door at the same time appeals to the inner Aries child. They do have a lifelong need to be nurtured.
Both of these signs are the survivors of the zodiac – and their signs rule the houses of self (Aries), and sense of self that we inherit from our family (Cancer), so there’s a natural fit between them, as well as enough interesting differences.
Ewan McGregor and his wife Eve Mavrakis are an example of how Aries and Cancer can hold together.

How to win the heart of Aries
Having a point of view is a good start, and a sense of humour. This is a generous sign but they like to receive gifts as much as the rest of us. Consider something for their noggin, like a hat, earrings, or perhaps a new pair of glasses.
A sculpture of their head like the kind lady did for Lionel Ritchie in his ‘Hello’ video would set you apart. How about a self-portrait (of them)? Neither will you go wrong with cranial massages or facials.
For something a little more off-piste you could always plump for a balaclava, in red, the Aries colour.


Jason Caddy

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