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Know your love signs - Cancer


Absolutely Crabulous

by Jason Caddy

The annual red crab invasion of Christmas Island is definitely worth a watch on YouTube. These little critters carpet the island in a bright red block of colour, undeterred by houses, people, roads and cars as they mass migrate from one side of the island to the other.

And the sign the crab represents is just as determined in love, and as the first of the water element, don’t underestimate Cancer’s power.


Its timid tag comes from the drip-by-drip approach it adopts in life generally, leaving the delivery of sucker punches to other signs. Their way of doing things eventually wares pretty much any stone of resistance away to an ineffectual nub. And if you happen to be that stone you’ll be left feeling as though you’ve been in control all along.

A certain level of mindreading should also be included in any potential loved one’s job description, as they change their minds and swap their moods most frequently. They’re also sensual, loving and loyal, and if they get what they want they’ll gladly give the same (if not more) back in return.

Highly sexual beings, some Cancerians also fancy themselves as players too. They may march sideways in life, but living fast in the pursuit of money can equate to security for some of them, like the many entrepreneurs this sign produces.

Earthy types anchor them, and fellow watery people can second-guess them, accurately anticipating their drives and actions. This is important to this sensitive sign that rules both the breasts and the stomach, brining out in them a motherly instinct (regardless of their gender) that is dispensed in their interactions with friends and family.

Cancer and the Fire signs
Whatever force is shaping our Universe, somewhere in the great plan there must be at least a paragraph devoted to Cancer and Aries.
Not a textbook couple I grant you, as both are strident, yet as Cardinal signs each strikes up in the other even greater ambition and hunger to get on in life. Traditionally, the Cancerian may look after the domestic side while the Aries is more public, although this is not always the case. Equally as headstrong, they’ve enough interests of their own, as well as enough in common, to achieve enviable relationship equilibrium.
I know a few Cancer and Leo combinations where Leo seems to dominate, in company at least, although something tells me that this isn’t the case privately. As neighbouring signs go this match is made more likely to flourish to a fuller potential with the aid of an enhanced synastry deeper in the chart, which is highly likely.
Sagittarius and Cancer share a lunatic sense of humour and love of the good life, but glib Sagittarius can wound Cancer, and then unintentionally make Cancer feel even more stupid for saying so. All is usually forgotten after a few laughs.

Cancer and the Earth signs
Cancer and Taurus are spiritually connected, with an almost hypnotic hold over one another. Mundanely, they share a love of life’s luxuries, comforts and money. A potential power couple, this augurs well for business relationships, and they also have in common a keen interest in food and entertaining.
As the worriers of the zodiac Virgo and Cancer weave together a comfort blanket for each other. They can also encourage one another to take steps to ease off seeing unfamiliar territory/people as threats. Cancer’s imagination moves Virgo to explore their creative side.
As opposite signs Cancer and Capricorn’s relationship can sometimes seesaw. But when they do operate on a level they’re both comfortable with they become immensely driven. Wavering levels of self-confidence in these signs usually straighten out as a result.

Cancer and the Air signs
I know a fair few Gemini and Cancer friends, lovers and spouses. These two signs do share some similar summery traits, and a relationship has mileage when Cancer learns not to micro-manage every last detail of Gemini’s life.
Cancer and Libra can get in each other’s way, and unintentionally keep each other back. But they also share a delicate nature and an appreciation of the ‘gently does it’ modus operandi.
Aquarius and Cancer is a quirky match, and one that may lead to Cancer becoming Aquarius’s own personal counsellor. Despite Aquarius’s determination not to be analysed one little bit. The home they make together is often equally as interesting.

Cancer and the Water signs
Cancer and Cancer is a homely, quiet living couple who’ll invest a lot of energy caring for their offspring. Two people with their moons in these signs are a great match too. I know a house full of crabs that is no place for the fainthearted, as they can also be warlike when they amass.
Cancer and Scorpio is the old double act of the zodiac, with Cancer appearing to bend to Scorpio’s titanic will. In one Cancer/Scorpio marriage I know of, the Scorpio male refuses to use a razor blade twice. The economical Cancerian simply removes them from the bathroom bin once he’s left for work, wipes them clean and pops them back into the packet. The Scorpio still hasn’t wised up to this after ten years.
Cancer and Pisces is less common in my experience, although these two can have an off/on relationship and that seems to work for them.

How to win the heart of Cancer
This sign rules the stomach so anything food-related makes their eyes bulge with delight. A lunar calendar so that they can have a reference point for the ever-changing hue of moods, or any type of calendar, is another great gift idea. Although this sign is never going to tell you that your gift is bad, so you could buy them pretty much anything and it’ll mean something.

Jason Caddy

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