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Know your love signs - Capricorn

Get your Goat

by Jason Caddy
A goat appeared in a clearing and began running after my terrified sister during a family stroll in the countryside years ago.

It gave chase for a good half a mile while grandma and I stood helplessly by. ‘It was only playing’ a passing farmer who was able to restrain it told us before we made our getaway.


Contrary to what you’ve probably read about the sign of Capricorn it too has a playful side that develops more prominently with age. This is the sign that grows young. TV presenter Carol Vorderman, who’s best known in the UK, is a good example of this reverse aging process, although they never lose that steely Saturn drive to shimmy up the greasy pole.

Naked ambition and surefootedness also intrudes on their personal lives, but Capricorns don’t easily commit themselves. They see love as another mountain to climb in a life containing a range of them, and often leave nuptials to a lot later on, once they’ve got a career up and running.

Anybody with a strong Cancerian influence, the ascendant especially, makes a satisfactory match for Capricorn. Although highly sexed this is without doubt the pragmatist of the zodiac, and their business instinct steers them in love, but after time they tend to become more relaxed, demonstrative and even carefree.

Another reason they’ll often marry or commit further down the line than most other people is because they recognise that, in their case anyway, greater self-awareness means a relationship stands an improved chance of prospering.


Capricorn and the Fire signs
Aries rules the head and Capricorn the knees, so Capricorn acts as a mini support network for Aries. But these are both very active signs, so they’ll have to agree to share the driving, or hit gridlock.
Leo and Capricorn is the perfect regal combination, and this defines their togetherness in lots of ways. Although arid on the romance front unless watery elements trickle into the picture, Capricorn easily fulfils the role of the power behind Leo’s thrown.
Sagittarius is calmed down and centred by the soothing balm that is Capricorn, who can also help funnel all that scattered Sagittarian energy into something more constructive.

Capricorn and the Earth signs
Taurus and Capricorn could rule the world. Their joint earthiness keeps them grounded, while Capricorn ensures that ambition and opportunity are never squandered.
Virgo and Capricorn can bring out each other’s relaxed, easy-going sides. At the same time they can work hard and fast to achieve a standard of living that suits their joint need to be in constant touch with the material world.
Capricorn and Capricorn works best if their combined ambition is tempered in one or both by charts by a planet or two in a water sign. Either way one won’t be too quick to judge the other for making mistakes, and there’s a definite physical rapport going on here too.

Capricorn and the Air signs
Older Gemini people tend to fall for slightly younger Capricorns who are more mature in attitude than their years. Gemini’s playful side rubs off on Capricorn, while they bring the Gemini Peter Pan out of permanent retirement in NeverLand.
With Libra, a merry-go-round of internal politics should be addressed if they’re to make a serious go of a relationship. A certain amount of brinkmanship fuels the spark, and is good in a business sense, plus Capricorn is better at dealing with the less savoury bits Libra abhors.
Aquarius and Capricorn share some of the same values and outlooks. Ruled by outer planets, they’re likely to feel remote from each other at times, or find themselves going round in circles (like Saturn’s rings) instead of saying what needs to be said.

Capricorn and the Water signs
Cancer is Capricorn’s homely equivalent, particularly later in life. Both are ambitious, soft at heart in love, at least where one another is concerned anyway, quiet and unassuming. When they are together the rest of us may as well be invisible, and this relationship has no trouble holding together for a lifetime.
Scorpio and Pisces also bring out Capricorn’s sensual side and can persuade them to take a risk in love while other signs are still groping in the dark. Capricorn can nevertheless be a tough nut to crack, and this is a big turn on for Scorpio particularly.

How to win the heart of Capricorn
A settled home life helps greatly, although they also fancy themselves as rescuers from time to time, if they spot a person’s homebody potential.
If you’re looking to win them over by spoiling them, they do have a taste for the lavish – although never gaudy. Even those at the more outlandish end of this sign understand the difference between what is considered good taste and what isn’t. Take Dolly ‘it costs a lot to look this cheap’ Parton, who you just know is really quite conservative, albeit with a small c.
Capricorn, as I said, rules the knees, so if your Capricorn likes a spot of gardening (a common pastime for the earth signs), how about a kneeler? Or kneepads if they’re a late youth culture adopter, and wannabe skater dude.

Jason Caddy

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