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Know your love signs - Gemini


The Star Turn

by Jason Caddy

Gemini is one of the most talkative and most talked about signs, not least by Gemini people themselves.


And who can blame them for being proud of the fact they’ve been born under a star that confers them the gifts of mental dexterity, popularity, wit and a lasting youthful vigour?


This is a local sign (Sagittarius being its faraway opposite) that takes pleasure from happily buzzing about its neighbourhood. This can provide fertile ground in their search for love. All the Gemini people I know have either another close Gemini friend or partner. Those born under the sign of the twins do tend to find safety in numbers, moving in similar circles (often media/communications-related) and find love via a social connection.

Why do Gemini and Gemini fit so neatly together? Maybe because they don’t fuss over each other, and are relatively low maintenance individuals, allowing each other just enough space within a boundary of comfort so that neither ever feels out in the cold.
This is the first air sign and it rules the hands. But they tend to handle anything too involved life throws at them like a hot potato, passing it on to someone else, and this is where another sign comes in.

Taurus is a contender for their affections because it seems to enjoy micro-managing Gemini’s life, and handling piping hot potatoes. So despite having to row their boat a little harder, these two can make a good go of a relationship, against what are some stiff astrological odds.

All the Gemini people I know say that they operate best when they’re in a loving relationship. Their instinct tells them that being part of a team is the best way to evolve as individuals. And whatever sign their partner they’ll need to have the presence of mind to realise that Gemini, ruler of the lungs, has to be able to breathe freely, and not ever get into a holding pattern in a relationship.

Gemini and the Fire signs
Aries and Gemini is an amazing physical and mental combination. They just get each other. An immense energy propels them forward, with little or no time for looking over their shoulders, and witty sparring matches make them a popular couple in company.
There are a slew of Leo and Gemini media personalities. Life is a performance for these two, making for entertaining spectacle for the rest of us, and a lively relationship for them.
Sagittarius and Gemini, like so many opposite pairings, engender a sense of the familiar meshed with a sense of isolation from each other. One will fascinate the other all the same.

Gemini and the Earth signs
Taurus and Gemini is a common twosome that I’ve already touched on, and the steadfast qualities Gemini sees in this sign are also to be found in the remaining earth signs.
Virgo and Gemini are co-ruled by Mercury, and so they help each other through life with lots of mutual reassurance, always coming from a logical standpoint. A no-frills love is the result and that suits them both down to the ground. Both put much stock by mental processes and abhor aggression, so theirs is a tight bond that doesn’t tend to sag with time.
An older Gemini can get on famously with a slightly younger Capricorn partner. Gemini’s ever-youthful demeanour coaxes out the fun side of Capricorn, who are so often mature beyond their years.

Gemini and the Air signs
In the same way they’re in clover with other Gemini folk, Libra and Aquarius cast a similar type of spell over their air sign cousin.
Libra and Gemini both uphold the principle of the benefits a life partner brings, for example, and this brings them, as well as keeps them, together.
Aquarius can be too quiet and measured for Gemini at first, unnerving them. But once Aquarius lowers its guard there are few signs that come anywhere near their combined towering intellect, and so they’re quickly able to calculate what potential there is in each other.

Gemini and the Water signs
Pisces and Gemini ignite each other’s imaginations. They’re like a pantomime horse with no eyeholes, one blindly leading the other, so this relationship can sometimes lack direction. But the sexual spark is tremendous, as are the belly laughs.
I’ve seen many Gemini and Cancer friendships flourish into full-blown relationships, and in the great scheme of neighbouring signs these two don’t do all that badly at all, like my own grandparents who were happily married for a lifetime.
Scorpio and Gemini are strong signs, making them easy to spot, and equally as easy to mix up. As easy as it is to conflate one with the other on a surface level (like the shortest of attention spans, and that incisive intelligence) there’s one thing that divides them. Scorpio operates covertly while Gemini always takes the obvious turn-off, so there’s a yin/yang energy present here, exciting their sexual desires, emotional needs and mental faculties.

How to win the heart of Gemini
Don’t overcrowd them, and steer clear of conversation that is too stuffy or heavyweight. They are the sign of light-heartedness, but they never miss a trick.
Gemini rules the hands so a ring is always a good gift idea. As is taking responsibility off their hands for a while, particularly if they occupy a lofty position at work, as many of them do. Sometimes all they want is something simple to do that doesn’t require much brain or legwork. As the sign of the twins, gifts that come in pairs, like candlesticks, earrings, or even a new set of speakers are marvellous choices.

Jason Caddy



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