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Know your love signs - Leo


The Rightful Air

by Jason Caddy

Madonna’s private jet was once barred from taking off from London because of ‘royal movement’. Turns out the real Queen had earmarked the same time slot, causing Leo Madonna to remark in a documentary conveniently capturing the entire episode: “There’s only room for one queen in that country.”


Strip away the blue blood or a pop icon status and Leos still regard themselves regally. All the stick they get for being showy, bossy or arrogant isn’t always warranted, though.  Like many lions in popular culture there’s also a lot of nobility, backbone and strength of character shaping them, tinged with vulnerability. The cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz may have been all ‘put ‘em up’ but he was overstocked on the old heart.

The same is true of this sign, as ruler of this particular organ, and so Leo’s adept at rallying its own defences when it comes to their heart’s protection. Should it get broken, it hits them hardest where it hurts most. They therefore tend to go for people who are seem fairly reliable on some level in the hope they won’t let them down and fracture their ticker.  Although that in no way means dull. They like strong, colourful characters. This is all bound up with their sizable sense of pride and self-worth too of course.

By far the most common pairing I’ve come across for Leo is with its opposite sign, Aquarius. These two really are attuned to each other and have the advantage of both being fixed signs, so they can prop each other up and fight the good fight, rather than flunking out at the faintest whiff of trouble.

We also can’t lose sight of the fact that a Leo in love can be fun. They’re creative people and so children and family are chief considerations for this sign, so anyone considering commitment to one will need to factor this in.

Leo and the Fire signs
Some fire fighting is involved when Aries and Leo attract. Even though there’s a great affinity between these two, the energy daily combat zaps means that they’re often spent when it comes to other activities. But making up can re-ignite the flame.
Leo and Leo is like two kings and only one crown, but they can learn to alternate holding court and entertain each other as well as their friends. I also know a Leo couple with the most staggering amount of pictures of themselves in their living room. Despite their blow-ups at one another, they fuel each other’s spirit, and are lovely, passionate all-round good eggs.
With Sagittarius, there can be conflicts resulting from this sign’s tendency to spring off at even a speck of discord. Sagittarius also refuses to take Leo seriously all of the time, which infuriates them. But they too have a close zodiac elemental tie that can see them through this.

Leo and the Earth signs
The relationship between Leo and Taurus can be unmistakably tense at times, but these two fixed personalities also understand each other’s need for harmony. The trick is to keep it vital.
As neighbouring signs Leo and Virgo people can have more in common beneath the sun sign surface, and although it’s not seen as traditionally the best of pairings, my folks are still making it work after 50 years.
Then we come to Leo and Capricorn. This is a regal of regal matches, and any relationship that is formed with this combination will be one that has a kind of air of authority surrounding it. These two like to be well connected.

Leo and the Air signs
Aquarius has cornered the Leo market as I said, but air and fire do harmonise, and so the other air signs are similarly good bets for Leo.
Gemini is the first of the air signs and its need for fun brings out the same in Leo. This is perhaps more suited to friendship or a fling. Glamorous, yes, but it can lack substance on account of its fragility. But it’s reasonable to suggest that not all of us are looking for intensity.
Libra and Leo is all about fair play, but the Leo state of independence can be off-putting to the sign that needs an above average amount of emotional reassurance. Libra may also not be so bothered about the art of ego massage, and therefore Leo could lose heart at times. They’re well matched intellectually.

Leo and the Water signs
Any Cancer/Leo partnerships I’ve observed seem to work on the premise that the Leo is boss. This may work conversely in private, as this is Cancer we’re talking about, so it does have the ability to make light work of Leo’s need to dominate.
Scorpio and Leo is an erotic combination with lots of night-time drama, but they may not always see eye-to-eye in the daytime. Compulsive viewing for the rest of us, and great for keeping things lively at the top of the relationship, but it could fizzle out just as quickly as it began.
One of the zodiac’s most creatively explosive combinations is Leo and Pisces. They give flight to each other’s imaginations, although Leo will tend to set boundaries for Pisces, which is a turn off for the fish. Their kids will be encouraged to explore an artistic pastime.

How to win the heart of Leo
Leo likes eccentricities in other people, and encourages individualism in their partners. So if you stand out from the crowd you’re halfway to heaven.
Possessing the zodiac’s biggest heart means their partners get extravagant gifts.
Similar acts of extravagance from their paramours to them light up their faces like a box of Terry’s All Gold. If you miss a birthday, milestone or anniversary they’ll be deeply wounded, so burn important dates on the back of your brain.

Jason Caddy



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