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Know your love signs - Libra


Poetic Justice

by Jason Caddy

I once read somewhere that most army generals in history were born under this sign. I bet they came home from the battlefield to a peaceful home life. Libra can be assertive publically, but prefers to stand-down in private.


This is also the sign that rules romance and relationships in the zodiac, so a solitary Libran is half a person; a husk of what they know they can potentially become. That’s why they perhaps don’t discriminate as widely as they could when choosing a partner, and the spectre of being alone colours their actions when they feel isolated or that life is closing in on them.

This is also a sign that upholds the virtues of a strong moral sense, truth, fairness and beauty in all things. But if your face doesn’t fit their own particular definition of it, things won’t stand much of a chance of getting off the ground.
Aries is the sign at the other end of the zodiac’s relationship axis, so they get on like Bonnie (Libra) and Clyde (Aries), without all that terrible loss of life.

Taurus, which is co-ruled by Venus, also makes them tingle in all the right places, similarly their fellow air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, bring them a sense of belonging.

Libra rules the kidney, getting rid of all the nasty bits in life, and the lower back, in order that we can stand up proudly, and with decorum. Bad manners and anyone with inability to conduct themselves properly in social situations will strike up their inner general and he or she will be court martialed immediately.



Libra and the Fire signs
Aries and Libra are political signs, and keen strategists that enjoy trying to outmanoeuvre one another. Friendship or a fling flourishes easier between these two than long-term romance. But there’s definitely a compulsion in both to learn more about the other.
Leo and Libra is a stress-free match on many levels, and when the sign that rules creativity meets the sign that rules relationships, then boredom and humdrum rarely set in.
Sagittarius is often paired with Libra, like in my very first astrology book, and there’s a great basis for a friendship here, and a fascination for life’s oddities. A close-knit sense of humour and a liking of travel take them far.

Libra and the Earth signs
Taurus is tuned right in to Libra’s love of all of life’s pleasures, and these two are just at home in a fine-dining restaurant or enjoying a weekend break at a luxury spa, as they would be camping or chowing down on chip butties. They’ll build a beautiful, tastefully put together home.
Virgo/Libra cusp people can be highly intelligent, and a thoughtful energy hangs over a union of these two signs. This is when the need to think and the need to do are fused neatly together.
Capricorn and Libra is a potent combination in a business sense, with both of them appreciating the neatness of economy. Libra’s heart may get trampled under Capricorn’s foot once in a while.

Libra and the Air signs
Libra loves to talk and so does Gemini, so there’s an absolute intellectual as well as physical chemistry going on here.
Aquarius may make Libra a bit uncomfortable in social situations by awkwardly clamming up or making inflammatory comments. To Libra, social niceties and someone who can hold their own are deal breakers, so Aquarius has to work on its desire to shock.
But all in all the air signs happily and endlessly talk away and stimulate each other’s minds and ideas. Where they do fall down is actualising their flashes of brilliance.

Libra and the Water signs
The combined energy of Cancer and Libra is a tranquil one that marks them out for the kind of sensitivities that other signs don’t pick up on. An underlying competitive edge shakes things up every now and again.
Living next door to anyone can be tedious and test our patience, and Libra’s zodiac neighbour on one side, Scorpio, is a sign that will both attract and repel them to begin with. But given time these two can usually always have a pretty good crack at the whip.
My own neighbours when I was growing up were Libra and Pisces. They both struck me as gentle people whose feelings for one another ran very deep. Pisces was the more colourful character, with Libra maintaining the status quo, affectionately rolling his eyes at his entertaining and funny wife as they stood chatting with my mum over the fence. 

How to win the heart of Libra
Libra loves a house with a beating heart and that must include a lively, engaging relationship. A sense of romance and them feeling as if they’re central to their partner’s world is a good starting point.
A gift that involves sitting down, relaxing and taking in lots of beautiful sights, like a cruise, could be good.
But a little of anything does them just fine, so I wouldn’t make it a round-the-word one, or they may quickly tire of it and jump overboard.


Jason Caddy

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