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Know your love signs - Pisces

Happy Feet

by Jason Caddy
The description of the twelfth sign on my website reads “Pisces is like the Purple One in a tin of Quality Street. Hard-ish exterior, slightly gooey on the inside, before you get to the nutty bit.”


I wanted to reflect the fun side of Pisces because people born under this curious constellation are good company, charming, funny and attractive. As is so often the case with the shiniest of people though, slipperiness comes with the territory. They just can’t help it.  Neptune rules them after all, a planet that sponsors fantasy over reality.

Pisces are like multi-faceted diamonds, and some astrologers believe that being the final sign they absorb traits from the rest of the zodiac – like a dreamcatcher. And as the sign that rules the feet it’s a doddle for them to walk a mile in the shoes of the other 11 signs. So they’re empathetic, if not a little difficult to really get to know.

They’re also given to mirroring the people that they are with at any given moment, which I’m sure anyone with a Piscean close to them will vouch for.

In the natural order of things water finds its way to the earth, and the same rings true in the zodiac. Pisces is a water sign so it’s compatible with the earth signs. Virgo, particularly, is always going to have a special connection with this sign, as are its fellow water signs, Cancer and Pisces. Yet Pisces often casts its net zodiac-wide, as this is a sociable sign.

Pisces and the Fire signs

Aries and Pisces represent the alpha and omega of the zodiac, the head and the feet. So they’re physiologically as far apart as you can get, yet they’re neighbouring signs on the chart wheel, so I suppose it depends on what perspective you take when assessing their compatibility. It’s a bit like that map of the world we’re all used to seeing, depicting America and Russia at opposite ends when in fact they’re kissing countries. It’s a similar scenario for these two signs, so despite the odd bout of hostility, it’s rare to see a cold war break out between Aries and Pisces. 
Leo and Pisces is a glamorous connection, if not fragile at times, so this relationship can be more than a little bit precarious. But they can both ladle on the charm when the need arises.
Sagittarius brings Pisces as colourful take on life as their own, and these two have loads of fun together, which is great for extending the honeymoon period.

Pisces and the Earth signs
All the earth signs are sensual propositions for Pisces, and these two elements seem to find each other eventually.
Pisces rules the feet and Taurus the earth, so Taurus keeps their feet on the ground while feeling as comfy as an old pair of slippers.
The symbolism of Capricorn takes in the fish’s tale, so a natural affinity grows between these two, and a deeper connection builds as they bed in for the long-term.
Most Pisces people will have some kind of significant Virgo presence (sun or elsewhere in the chart) in their lives. And despite their opposite sign differences, they both share a keen critical faculty, and a need to work. They can also become kind of addicted to each other, promoting healthy as well as unhealthy moments. The sex is top notch.

Pisces and the Air signs
Gemini and Pisces share a mental rapport. Eventually this may wear thin for both parties, as they may not share the same level of physical closeness.  That’s not to say they won’t have a good time trying.
Libra comes with strings attached, insisting on a firm commitment early on that may scare Pisces off. But there’s gentleness to this combination, although indecision may be a problem in the mundane world of making a life together, but nothing that can’t be overcome in time.
Aquarius and Pisces can rub each other up the wrong way, but they also have a lot to learn from being together at the same time. In order to be truly passionate and compassionate (Pisces) you must first be dispassionate (Aquarius). Plus a certain crossover of planets always helps in the charts of people with neighbouring sun signs.

Pisces and the Water signs
Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor’s elastic love affair proves how powerful and addictive a watery attraction can be. He was Scorpio and she was Pisces. The way this works is in a non-verbal, almost telepathic way that comes from the knowingness of years together, teamed with the sexual frisson of a newly met couple.
Cancer, Scorpio and other Pisceans are therefore a terrific bet for Pisces. This is an all-consuming love that sometimes verges on obsession, and one that is also characterised by lots of spooky coincidence.
The thing to remember about two water signs is that they can harness tremendous power, and Wuthering Heights-style death-defying passion.

How to capture the heart of Pisces
Make them laugh and don’t restrict them, as they do enough of that internally.
They usually have an extreme reaction to feet: they either love foot massages and pedicures, or they absolutely and unequivocally hate them.

Pisces is also the mystical and spiritual sign, but we all like material gifts, and anything otherworldly is good on this front.
Many of them like water-related stuff too, and anything that appeals to the senses, like perfume. You could always go straight for the obvious choice and buy them some tropical fish although, like Elizabeth Taylor, they’d like prefer it if you also dropped a diamond in the tank.

Jason Caddy

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