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Know your love signs - Sagittarius


The hunter becomes the hunted

by Jason Caddy

An outspoken and very entertaining astrologer who practised mainly in the politically incorrect ‘70s argued that Sagittarius shies away from commitment because it masks this sign’s lack of sexual stamina.


I’d say it’s more likely down to the fact that archers are born under the original wandering star.

This dual sign possesses a feral, hunting quality. At the same time they also rely on instinct, fused with a farsightedness that prevents them committing too hastily to anyone, or going for what they know is beyond their reach. And as the kings and queens of wishful thinking they’re also often guilty of thinking that there’s something better round the corner.

This all makes for an ever-present inner tussle, and so they’re guilty of blowing hot and cold in love, taken to mean indifference by lovers. Plus Sagittarius rules the thighs so they do take comfort from restlessness, bizarrely, and keeping on the move.

When feeling stressed, hemmed in or bored they’ll often travel, or simply disappear at the end of a night out when their wanderlust gets the better of them, without even saying cheerio. So it’s fair to say that they always have half an eye on life’s illuminated green EXIT sign, which can make things problematic when it comes to forming lasting relationships.

Countless people with a strong Sagittarius influence do their best to avoid an official commitment for as long a time as possible. Not just the sun sign ones. Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston have moon in Sagittarius, and these people either avoid marriage until later in life, or don’t entertain it at all.

Because Sagittarius is the zodiac nomad it’s difficult to condense their best match down to a single sign. As mutable beings they do tend to make connections easily, and with a wide cross-section of people.


Sagittarius and the Fire signs
Aries and Sagittarius is an incendiary combination, which suits both these fiery temperaments. As long as they keep each other interested and challenged, this will burn bright. But a need to be top dog can rock their romantic Gondola ride to the point where it capsizes.
It’s a similar story for Leo and Sagittarius, as both signs like to bask in their own glory – and not reflected glory. They could be looking at a long combative stretch together. But as with all the element-on-element pairings there’s also something strangely comforting about both the good and the bad bits of their convergent energies.
Two Sagittarians can also work very well together, and this is always a better horse to back if both have a watery influence in their respective charts.

Sagittarius and the Earth signs
Taurus and Sagittarius is a lesser spotted pairing. When I do come across it, much hard work has been put into nurturing it, mainly on the part of the Taurus. They both love to over-indulge, too. 
I remember hearing a radio interview with a Sagittarian astrologer years ago, and when talking about compatibility he said that most of the people he loved on this planet were Virgos. Although not a conventional zodiac pairing these two do understand each other’s need for independence, and the odd solitary moment in between. Plus Beyonce (Virgo) and Jay-Z (Sag) aren’t doing too badly.
Capricorn and Sagittarius share that same kind of feral quality, ensuring a spicy physical connection.

Sagittarius and the Air signs
Brad Pitt (Sagittarius) and Angelina Jolie (Gemini) demonstrate the power of the attraction between opposite signs – helped along by a number of other factors in their natal charts. This is a good basis for friendship once the initial spark gradually pales, as Gemini’s boundless mental energy is matched by Sagittarius’s vast reserves of physical energy.
I remember my very first astrology book paired Sagittarius best with Libra, and it wasn’t that far off the mark. There are more reasons than not for these two hitting it off amorously, not least a terrific sense of humour.
Aquarius is regularly aligned with Sagittarius by astrologers, and these two are kind of cut from the same cloth. Does this make them well suited? If other stars are in the right position, then yes, and friendship is a great basis for the survival of love into the long-term.

Sagittarius and the Water signs
I’ve known quite a few Cancer and Sagittarius couples that bonded over a shared irreverent sense of humour. This makes up for Sagittarius’s blundering ways, and is often the tactic they use to get back into Cancer’s good books. Equally, Cancer can learn from them the art of lightening up a bit.
Scorpio is a good match for Sagittarius as numerous archers have Venus in Scorpio, so they magnetise each other and appreciate a need for privacy. Moodiness visits them occasionally.
Pisces and Sagittarius have a lot of fun together, although this dynamic could lack an anchor to keep it from floating adrift at the first choppy wave. For a romp and lots of laughs though, this one’s a winner.

How to win over the heart of Sagittarius
Let them think they’re free and unfettered and they’ll come running. They’re said to be outdoorsy, but most of them prefer a stroll in the park to white water rafting.
To get them on side, something that they can wear is always a good idea, and in a royal blue, their colour. Being the equestrian sign and the sign of speculation, you could always buy them a racehorse. Or that painting of horses running through the waves in the moonlight, to brighten up a sparse home environment, (which could be the case if they live alone).

Jason Caddy

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