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Know your love signs - Scorpio


Ahoy, Matey

by Jason Caddy

Holidaying in a sunny costal town with a sea of bare arms I spotted five Scorpio tattoos in just one day. This got me thinking about how proud Scorpio is of their sign’s well-documented sexual prowess.

It’s rare to see other signs peacocked in permanent ink with the same gaping pride.



And pride is a chief consideration when talking about how this sign operates in love. All the saucy seaside postcard stuff aside, this is a noble sign that takes emotional investment seriously. This can translate to running  - or at least attempting to run - the show in a relationship. Some mild resistance is needed from their partner to stop them getting too drunk on power, and arrest their easy-to-hijack interest.

As ruler of the sexual organs Scorpios do have a high sex drive, although they can equally abstain for outrageously long periods, as some of them are highly evolved and high-minded individuals who take their spiritual well being just as seriously.
There are plenty of signs that Scorpio finds fascinating, frustrating and compelling all at the same time.

The old zodiac double act that is Cancer and Scorpio has played out a lot in my personal life, as well as in the lives of celebrities, in the loosest sense of the word, such as Neil and Christine Hamilton. For those in the dark these are two media personalities in the UK that got a hard time in the press after what turned out to be false allegations were made against them. What struck me was how they didn’t crack or implode, as these signs tend to do so well jointly.

Taurus makes Scorpio weak at the knees. Both appear to operate at a low emotional, remaining ultra controlled on the face of it. In private this all goes out the window as they can handle far greater intensity than most.  Hello the Northern Lights.

The late Linda Goodman was an amazing astrologer. She said that opposite signs, like Taurus and Scorpio, only ever get along if they’re opposite sexes. I have to disagree. The intensity and bond between these two, regardless of gender, even takes in the realm of friendship and family relations.

Scorpio and the Fire signs
Power is the greatest aphrodisiac for the Scorpio and Aries couple. Can this be sustained in the mundane existence of day-to-day life? With less pushing and shoving and more coming and going perhaps, and this is a state of play lots of them arrives at over time.
Leo and Scorpio square each other in the zodiac making for an equally as spirited relationship, with a lot of sexual chemistry, as well as some sticking points. It’s only when unresolved anger is nursed that the relationship may deteriorate.
Sagittarius and Scorpio are good buddies and zodiac neighbours. Planets in common signs in their charts augur well for a good rapport, and this can spill over into a great relationship. I know a few later life Scorpio-Sagittarius duos where this rings true.

Scorpio and the Earth signs
I’ve talked about Taurus and the hold it has over Scorpio.
I also know countless Virgo-Scorpio pairings that bring out the best in each other, plus only Scorpio matches Virgo’s eye for detail, and so they’re united by a need to drill down and deconstruct. Theirs is a deeply physical connection.
Capricorn and Scorpio share many of the same values, and both have a quiet determination to get on. Together they stimulate in each other a hunger for materialism and a liking for power plays.

Scorpio and Air signs
Watching Scorpio with Gemini is like a mirror image at times. They have similar outward natures: a need for newness, and a mental and social restlessness that neither disguises particularly well. This makes them allies, but they diverge on how they express themselves emotionally, with Scorpio preferring shade and Gemini plenty of light. A terrific sexual energy exists between them.
Libra and Scorpio can be problematic as Scorpio may find Libra’s opinions a bit too diluted, and theirs is a sign of extremes. As next-door neighbours in the zodiac, squabbling over petty things may also need to be countered, which it can be.
Aquarius and Scorpio are both strong-minded and greatly, if not reluctantly, admiring of the same quality in one another. This can lead to conflict as the relationship goes forward, but the sex is dynamite.

Scorpio and the Water signs
It can either be stinger to stinger when two Scorpios meet, or they’ll soar like eagles. This is a deeply emotional sign, and so the anatomy of this relationship is one of mutual respect for each other’s foibles. The singer Bjork is a triple Scorpio natally, and so this gives us some idea of the intensity, lack of inhibition and non-conformity an abundance of this sign can uphold.
Pisces can be too inscrutable at times even for Scorpio, but they’ll be attuned emotionally, and perhaps share a similar offbeat sense of humour too. Richard Burton (Scorpio) and Elizabeth Taylor (Pisces) demonstrate how the powerful watery emotions of these two signs usually win outright.

How to win the Scorpio heart
As well as the sexual organs Scorpio also rules the bowel, and so they go on their gut instinct. This means they’ll either take to you or they won’t.
If you make it past the first interview stage what they do love is a gift that you have chosen based on your gut instinct. They love anything dark, mysterious or a bit unorthodox. Underwear goes down well!
They love flowers too as they serve as a kind of living testament of a partner’s love for them. And long soaks in the bath, so you won’t go far wrong with Matey.

Jason Caddy


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