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Know your love signs - Taurus


The Bull Monty

by Jason Caddy

A world without love sticks in the throat of any Taurus. This is the part of the anatomy this sign rules, so it can also sweet-talk its way out of the trickiest situation.

Countless velvet voices and an array of wonderfully gifted singers were born under this fixed star, and the lyrics of pretty much any song by Taurean Adele shed some light on how fiercely this sign guards its heart, and how seriously it takes love. If love evades them for any length of time the bull is rarely seen wallowing in the mud of self-pity. It just gets on with it.


In any case they’re sensitive creatures so malfunctioning relationships aren’t for them, and this is maybe why they don’t hang around to let negativity corrode their spirit. When things are functioning properly their rose tinted glasses filter out their partner’s shadowy side, and the person they choose to love then becomes the core of their word. They want everything love has to offer.
Taurus rules the house of money and possessions so it follows that their loved one is at times treated like prize lot at an auction where Taurus was the highest bidder.

Taurus and Taurus go well together, like UK daytime TV stalwarts Richard and Judy, who’ve managed to perfect the art of living and working together. This is a patient sign. Taurus also feels secure with Scorpio. As opposite signs they share an intensity that could burn a hole in each other’s souls, and a large percentage of people born under these signs like it that way.

At the other end of the spectrum Gemini promotes the benefits of a leaner type of love. These two signs shouldn’t work on paper, but many people and have a stab at it anyway, and often very successfully. Like The Queen (Taurus) and Prince Philip (Gemini). Although a relationship between these two signs is not without its fluctuations.

Taurus and the Fire signs
Tension wafts over the Taurus and Leo union, but they also induce in one another a sense of calm. Taurus teaches Leo to step outside of the hurly burly and smell the roses.
Aries and Taurus are cheek by jowl in the zodiac, and this can mean too close for comfort for one of them. But it can also engineer an emotional connection and common value base.
Then we come to Sagittarius. A rival stubbornness makes them adversarial. Sagittarius doesn’t see the virtues of the Taurean proprietorial love principle, and Taurus may think Sagittarius is running scared of something by avoiding commitment. But conceding even a smidgen on either side makes a world of difference.

Taurus and the Air signs
On the other side of the zodiac fence is Gemini, and I’ve already banged that drum.
There’s also great potential for the remaining air signs too.
Libra and Taurus are co-ruled by Venus, so a love of life’s luxuries, socialising and the complete avoidance of anything coarse, base or vulgar cements this twosome.
Aquarius and Taurus will size each other up at first, but they’ll converge on holding fast to principles. Taurus wants their partner to be the sunshine of their lives, but Aquarius may have other, more radical ideas. Late Taurus born people will be interested in what they have to say.

Taurus and the Earth signs
Signs that share the same element are on board the same bus in life, but the view from the window can get a bit dull after a while.
I’ve already touched on the mileage in Taurus and Taurus, only to add that it’s of course built on a mutual and quiet understanding that no one else (apart from Scorpio) quite gets.
Virgo with Taurus is like the coming together of two material powerhouses. When they put their heads together they can make serious amounts of sex and money.
A strange kind of alchemy happens between Capricorn and Taurus. When it’s good it’s out of this world, as both signs are seduced by status, but when it’s not, it’s like getting cramp halfway up a mountain hike. Taurus works to fund a (relative) lavish lifestyle, whereas Capricorn can be quite frugal.

Taurus and the Water signs
Long-term relationships that last the distance are often based on a mutual love of something, and whenever Taurus meets a water sign, sex figures somewhere.
Scorpio and Taurus get on famously in my experience, although the great astrologer, the late Linda Goodman, reckoned opposites only attracted when they were opposite sexes as well. I’ve only ever seen evidence to the contrary.
Cancer nurtures Taurus, plus they’re the money signs, so they’ll boost a joint bank balance like no other pairing.
Pisces is less of a certain bet because of its shape shifting nature, but still as attractive to the more surefooted bulls.

How to win the heart of Taurus
Making them feel as though they’re the only person in the room is perhaps the best gift you can give Taurus.
Anything luxuriant scores brownie points too. For luxuriant read expensive, so any piece of neck jewellery wouldn’t go amiss, and neither would things that they can eat or drink, like a (luxury) hamper.
Green is their colour and they like to acquire and build, so how about a plot of land?
If you’re not feeling that flush, as the nature lovers of the zodiac, flora and fauna never go amiss.

Jason Caddy

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