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Know your love signs - Virgo


The Food of Love

by Jason Caddy

In the song Sexual Healing Marvin Gaye sings “I’m hot just like an oven, I need some lovin.’” Virgo’s more of a slow cooker.

This is after all the sign of conscientiously working away, so they feel cheated if things heat up too instantly or come to them too easily. Anything that does fall straight into their laps makes them suspicious.


Pleasure comes from putting their back into making a relationship work, and pulling it apart to remove the malfunctioning bits, before putting it back together again in a way that will make it tick over more efficiently. Once love has taken hold of them they soon settle into it, but they’re comfortable with being on their own until this day arrives. This is an earth sign, albeit chiefly a cerebral one, so their sexuality must be explored to the same extent as that of their earthy comrades, Taurus and Capricorn. With who depends on how multi-faceted the person is, which is why I know many Virgo-Gemini, Virgo-Pisces, and Virgo-Scorpio couplings. These signs have layered personalities, exciting Virgo’s need to pick.

Fastidiousness, a natural intelligence and a critical streak can at times daunt others who may never feel they’re going to be up to scratch. Although Virgo can be blind to what they project into the world, save for some of the more self-aware ones who use their critical natures as a smokescreen to camouflage a lack of confidence. But once they learn to relax they’re in the running for the title, all-round good egg of the zodiac.

Virgo rules the small intestine, and this reflects their overall natures, as the most detail-oriented of all the signs.
They overlook nothing, particularly in the initial stages of a relationship, and even comments intended as throw away will be deliberately chewed over.

Virgo and the Fire signs
Aries and Virgo make a pleasant and lively combo, with Aries’ laidback attitude putting paid to some of Virgo’s worrying, plus they have a collective need to be industrious.
Leo and Virgo can be bosom buddies, particularly late Leo people, as like all neighbouring signs just the right balance of planets in other signs can carve out mutual values and similar emotional responses.
Sagittarius and Virgo also jog along rather well, as both signs have innate fastidiousness that makes the other feel less guilty about their own need to be orderly. Sagittarius also makes Virgo laugh, which is a tonic.

Virgo and the Earth signs
Taurus awakens the deep-set earthier senses Virgo tends to keep hidden, so sexually this one rocks. With Virgo’s industry and the Taurus sense of economy, this is a material union too.
Left to their own devices Virgo and Virgo may knit a blanket of worry, unless they have more relaxed signs reclining in their charts. Any home with these two at the helm will have no leaky taps.
Capricorn excites Virgo’s sexual drives, and this is also a good basis for business partnerships and friendships.

Virgo and the Air signs
Gemini leads the air sign suitors for Virgo, with Aquarius running a close second. All of these signs share a loathing for too much melodrama and emotional manipulation.
Libra is probably the air sign that requires the most work, although this won’t put off the industrious Virgo. Libra and Virgo also tend to share the same fine tastes and hobbies, so there’s commonality that can be developed here, and there’ll be agreement on certain things, at least in principle.

Virgo and the Water signs
Cancer and Virgo are the zodiac’s worrywarts so they need to keep this in check when they come together, given the strong attraction that exists between them. This is coupled with a desire in both for a rich and comfortable home life.
Scorpio and Virgo is an incredibly common match in both friendships and sexual relationships. Why does it work so well? Perhaps it’s because Scorpio has many similar outward traits to Virgo’s zodiac cousin, Gemini?
As Virgo’s celestial opposition there’s sexual tension with Pisces, and an ability to get under each other’s skin at times. Both camps get a bit of a kick out of this though, I reckon. And as occupants of the zodiac’s work axis, just watch these two go in a shared business or commercial venture.

How to win the heart of Virgo
Virgo likes to disappear sometimes and get lost in something that is theirs and theirs alone. A partner must allow them the latitude to do this.
Practical gifts appeal, and nothing too over the top, as this embarrasses this modest sign.
Virgo rules the nervous system and the small intestine, so anything detailed, or that requires construction or deconstruction, makes them giddy.
I’ve often found that asking Virgo what they want instead of surprising them saves a lot of unnecessary to-ing and fro-ing.  But if you insist on plumping for something that you think they may like, look to their latest hobby for a steer.

Jason Caddy

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