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Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones


Romantic Revelations by Rhianne 

The Festive season is just around the corner. It’s really crept up on you this year and you’ve still got lots of shopping to do for your friends, family and loved ones, EEEK!

No worries, I’ve compiled some gift ideas for you based on astrological signs just to help you along and rid you of any Holiday Season shopping panic.

Trying to figure out what everyone would like while you’re stood in the middle of the shopping mall isn’t the greatest position to be in so sit down, grab a cuppa and I’ll take you through some simple gift ideas before you head out to the shops.

Let’s start with Aries, you’re fire sign pal. Fire is an action energy sign so perhaps a gift card for a day out doing something different would appeal to your Aries pal – Go Cart Racing perhaps!  Aries also love things that are handcrafted, so perhaps you will find that special something at a craft fair.

Taurus with their lovely earth energy and love of experiencing life with all the senses may enjoy a pamper day at a spa and an aromatherapy massage.  Taurus also love good food, so perhaps some special chutneys or jams may appeal, maybe even a wine tasting day!

Gemini with their quick wit and love of all things fun would perhaps love something with novelty value, something that they can spend time trying to figure out such as a puzzle. Mercury the planet of communication rules Gemini so perhaps something to do with communication, a new phone, phone case perhaps or for the fun factor a pair of walkie talkies!


Cancerians would love something to do with the home, perhaps some scatter cushions or a lovely throw for the sofa.  Something that’s warm and cosy would appeal to your Cancerian friend.  A lovely matching scarf, gloves and hat set may also appeal.

Leo with their love of all things regal would be happy with something sparkly.  Perhaps a lovely bracelet or set of earrings a dazzling dress ring or some perfume even.  Anything that is different and classy will appeal to this royal and regal sun sign.

Virgo and their love of gadgets and all things practical may see you heading to the kitchen dept. of the department store. What crazy, fun but practical gadget can you find for these time saving guys?

Libras love of beauty may see you buying a lovely ornament that has meaning for the two of you in some way or a lovely picture frame would be perfect!

Scorpio love things that are personalised so it could be a necklace with their initials on or if you don’t know them that well perhaps a monogrammed scarf would be welcomed instead.

Sagittarius with their love of other cultures may find a book on a country they want to visit an ideal present. Something that stirs their imagination and helps them plan that next trip would be ideal.

Capricorn love things that are practical and useful, so delve into what their hobbies are and a gift that coincides with that would be perfect. Perhaps they love gardening and a little knee cushion would be just the job for when they are doing the weeding.


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Aquarians with their love of all things quirky would be very happy with something unusual and different perhaps you would find something fabulous in a gadget store with a scientific angle for your Aquarian pal.

Pisces with their other worldly senses would be happy with something mystical and magical.  Perhaps an unusual set of Tarot cards, some crystals perhaps, some lovely incense.  Perhaps a pre-paid tarot reading would be the ideal gift for your Piscean pal.

Ok, so now you are armed with some gift ideas, onwards and upwards to that shopping centre, enjoy!

Tune back next week for some Astrological Insights, Wisdom from the Tarot and Practical Solutions.To book a love and relationships reading with one of Rhianne's team call 0800 0673 577 


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