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Libido Boosting


Want to boost your libido? Sarah tells us the best ways according to your star sign. People often forget how important the stars are for you love life. Understanding what role your love horoscopes play is often the key when it comes to boosting your libido. Here are a few ways each star sign can put some spark back into their sex life.


Fire Signs

Energetic and volatile, they thrive on frequent bursts of physical, sporty exercise to keep their body in shape and libido on red alert.  Have bags of stamina, want to look good and be good in bed, so must balance with time-out to relax and recharge your over-active muscular system.

Aries - prone to headaches or migraines, need to express their deepest feelings rather than pretend they don't exist.

Leo - prone to digestive problems - needs to pay attention to diet rather than just superficial appearance.

Sagittarius - prone to hip and joint problems,  yoga or pilates  will improve joint flexibility

Air Signs

Easy-going and light-hearted, Air signs have loads of ideas to express. Using up all that nervous energy on networking, means you have a fast
metabolism, you rarely get overweight, and keep body beautiful for your partner.

Gemini - prone to coughs and colds, nervous disorders, need loads of fresh air to keep your lungs clear and mind active.

Libra - prone to IBS and cystitis, drink, drink, drink - water that is.

Aquarius - prone to problems with immune system, opt for 'organic' foods, acupuncture and alternative medicines

Earth Signs

Sensual and body-conscious, the earth signs are very aware of signals from their body to boost their libido and sexuality. They have a slow metabolism and often over-indulge, but have incredible stamina.

Taurus - prone to ear, nose and throat infections, need an outdoor, unpolluted lifestyle to keep you perfectly fit for all that sex.

Virgo - often obsessed with faddy diets, eat simply, work out what makes you feel good to be you, not what your friends think.

Capricorn -Indulge in sexy body massages with your man or get into aromatherapy, and cosset your spine, knees and skeletal system.

Water Signs

Emotional and sensitive, the water signs can boost their sexual energy flow by expressing their true needs, loves and hates. Their metabolism changes frequently, moody, diet fads one day, then total sensual indulgence the next means they have to go with the flow of their own feelings.

Cancer - prone to digestive disorders, often due to not expressing their true feelings. Need to eat little and often, and go for long meditational walks in the country.

Scorpio - prone to menstrual, sexual or bowel problems. Try to become more aware of any power issues in your intimate relationships, and liberate your intensely sexual appetite.

Pisces - Look after your feet, you often live in a dream but you need to get in touch with the earth. Any therapy that builds up your vitality will be extremely beneficial. Try acupressure or Reiki techniques.


You can find further information on astrological terms by clicking here .

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