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Rhianne's Romantic Revelations-Have you been Ghosted? Part 1

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Romantic Revelations by Rhianne -To book a personal reading with Rhianne - PIN 1038 call 0800 0673 577 

You went out with a guy last week and he wouldn’t stop texting or calling you, it was great. You felt on top of the world and like a real life princess in a Disney movie but suddenly and for no reason it’s all gone quiet and you’re wondering what on earth has happened.

Has he ghosted you? Or is he just taking some time out?  Let’s take a look through the Astrological signs and see

Pisces :
Pisces are generally short bursts of chatter, good communication, laughter and fun tempered with times of reflective solitude. If you think of the symbol of the two fishes, one swimming one way and one swimming the other, it gives you a bit of a clue to the inner working of your pesky Pisces. One minute they’re there and fully present, the next they’re in their own world and liking the peace and quiet it brings them. Let’s see if the Tarot can bring some more clarity on this, have we been ghosted by the fish or not?
Eight of Swords
What this card is talking about is feeling mentally stuck with your thoughts. So in the context of ‘Have we been ghosted’ the Tarot is advising you not to let your thoughts and fears hold you back from reaching out to your fishy friend you’ll likely find that they’ll be pleased to hear from you and were just having a little quiet time for themselves!


Aries can sometimes burn themselves out and suddenly collapse in a heap, needing to sleep for a week. They like to be on the go doing things, going places, and generally being here, there and everywhere. Aries can change their minds in a heartbeat if something else comes up that’s exciting. So, have we been ghosted by Aries Hmm, Let’s have a look a Tarot for some added insight here.
Nine Of Cups
The nine of cups in the Tarot is the card that gives us a big old yes from the universe, so it looks as though this could be the way that some, (not all, I might add) Aries decide to tell you it’s not working. So let’s add a little practical wisdom to this one for some clarity. The best way to navigate this situation so that if your Aries does give you the silent treatment, is to gauge it all on the first date, their body language. Why? Well because Aries is action orientated and if there body language is such that they’re pointing away from you not full engaging on the date, then it’s likely the silent treatment won’t come as too much of a shock. However, if the date goes well and the body language is good, then it’s highly likely, and most likely that you Fiery Friend will be in contact with you very soon. But yes, it looks as though it’s possible for some Aries to do a little ghosting!


Taureans are a pretty down to earth bunch with all the earth energy going on there below the surface, but the question is, Is it possible for Taureans to ghost you? With Taureans, I would say no, although there are exceptions to the rule of course, as with everything, but Taureans are more straightforward that that, if it’s not working, they would tell you!.. But let’s take a look at the Tarot just to be sure on this for you.
High Priestess and Page of Swords
Perfect and it makes sense with the typical Taurean profile. What the Tarot cards are showing us is that nothing will be hidden with your Talkative Taurean and they wouldn’t ghost you, they would just let you know if things weren’t working out.


Gemini’s are well known for their flirtatious behaviour and dating multiple people at one time, again, not all, but just generally. So would Gemini’s in general ghost you?.. Hmm, it’s a tricky one because they are ruled by Mercury which is the planet of communication, so with this I would say it’s unlikely, but let’s see if the Tarot can shed some more light on this for us.
King of Cups
The King of cups is someone who is emotional mature, and this is indicating that Gemini’s wouldn’t just ghost you and go silent, they would act in a mature and emotionally correct way! Brilliant.
Don’t you just love it, a little insight into the workings of the signs in their love relationships, sprinkled with a little wisdom from the Tarot.

Tune back next week and we’ll be looking at Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra…

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