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Rhianne's Romantic Revelations-Have you been Ghosted? Part 2

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This week we’re continuing our journey through the signs and looking at the question ‘Have You Been Ghosted?’

Last week we looked at Pisces, Aries, Gemini and Taurus. This week we’ll take a look at Cancer, Leo, Virgo & Libra. Has he ghosted you? Or is he just taking some time out?

Cancerians in general are very home loving and connected to family. They don’t like heated arguments and quarrels and they dislike very much upsets and disagreements. If your cosy Cancerian has gone quiet It’s possible that he might be ghosting you just for fear of confrontation. Let’s see if the Tarot can bring us some extra insight on whether we’ve been ghosted or not.
The Hermit Ah, so this isn’t a full blown ghosting. It’s just your comfort loving Cancerian taking a little bit of time out for him/herself. This is good news, so it’s likely that if it goes quiet on the communication front with your Cancerian, they’re just enjoying a little bit of cosy family time, perhaps they’re just wanting a little space to think things through, maybe even before they take things to the next level with you! But all is well, you’ve not been ghosted, Phew!


Leo’s are very enthusiastic about everything, and ghosting someone just doesn’t fit with the profile of how these majestic Leonine people would act. If they’re dating you it’s because they’ve already seen long term potential in the relationship. Nevertheless, let’s just double check to make sure we’re on the right track, so trusty Tarot, would Leo’s ghost us?
Interestingly enough the Strength card in the tarot is linked to the astrological sign of Leo, and what this is showing us is that it would be very difficult to hold Leo’s back from communication. Not all Leo’s are the same though, but it does look as though in general it would be highly unlikely for your Leo pal to ghost you!


Virgo’s are very straightforward in their dealing with people and not ones to typically play games, so if your Virgo has gone quiet has he ghosted you. Hmm, it’s difficult to imagine they would, given the fact that they tend to treat people as they themselves would want to be treated, but let’s take a look at what the Tarot can show us on this. Would our virtuous Virgo’s ghost us?

The Star
What a lovely card to receive from the Tarot, The Star card is healing, nurturing and all about giving back. This confirms what we thought about Virgo, highly unlikely they would ghost you, their aim is to nurture a relationship and give their all into it. If you’re dating a Virgo this looks really great! No ghosting shenanigans here!

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As their sign (The scales) tells us, Librans like balance, they’re also an air sign and in communications and dealing with people they like to play fair. But the question is, Would they ghost you? Bearing in mind the Libra’s tendency towards fairness is dealing with people it doesn’t seem likely that their ‘go to’ behaviour would be to ghost, but could they? If push came to shove. Let’s ask the Tarot for a little more insight on this.
Ace of Swords
The Ace of Swords is an air sign the same as Libra and it talks about clarity in communication, exactly what we thought. The Arty Air signs would be incredibly unlikely to ghost you, they love communication and will keep it all above board, clear and concise, great stuff, no ghosts and ghouls coming from the Libra camp, great stuff?

Tune back next week and we’ll be taking a look at Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius

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