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Rhianne's Romantic Revelations-Have you been Ghosted? Part 3

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Following on from last week and continuing through the signs we’re looking at the question ‘Have You Been Ghosted?’.

Last week we looked at Cancer, Leo, Virgo & Libra. This week we’ll be taking a look at Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. Has he ghosted you? Or is he just taking some time out?


Scorpio’s do tend to be quite deep with their feelings and emotions. Which means it can be incredibly difficult to know what’s happening beneath the surface of the Scorpio’s motivations. They are known for not holding back when things aren’t going their way, but are those sizzling Scorpio’s capable of ghosting you. Let’s take a peek at the trusty Tarot for more insight on this.
The Devil
The Devil card is one that pops up when we are overindulging, perhaps with chocolate cake, or partying etc. In the context of the question are Scorpio capable of ghosting you, the answer is yes! For some Scorpio’s the ‘game’ of ghosting might appeal to them and they may well indulge in it because with the devil card it suggests that some Scorpios would see this as a ‘game’ of control. Awareness is key, so use your feelings as a guide, and if you feel as though a ‘game’ is been played between you and your Scorpio, know that at any time you can choose not to participate.


When in love or just dating, Sagittarians are known for their openness, warmth and just generally wanting people to get along, so ‘ghosting’ doesn’t sit right in terms of how they would treat a partner or potential partner. They are more likely just to be upfront and honest with you. Let’s take a look though and see what added insight we can glean from the Tarot.
Two of Cups
Wow! Love it! The two of cups talks of loving relationships and good partnerships, nothing here indicating that any form of ghosting would happen. More so it suggests that your Saucy Sagittarian would be more interested in having a relationship with you and just being in love than playing games and ghosting. How straightforward is that, well done Sagittarians!


Capricorns can be incredibly intriguing and when it comes to dating and love. They have their own sets of rules that they live by. But don’t get too excited, they won’t share them with you it’s just what they use to gauge if you’re the one. But the question is, could these cautious Capricorns ghost you if you don’t measure up? Let’s head over to the Tarot and take a peek!
The Chariot
The Chariot is all about taking control and keeping things moving in the right direction. The feeling with this card is that ‘ghosting’ someone would just take too much time and effort and distract from the relationship moving forwards. Ghosting to the Capricorn would in fact feel as though the brakes are being put on. Great new, ‘ghosting’ doesn’t seem to be even in the Capricorns vocabulary. Brilliant!


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Aquarians tend to be deep thinkers, but will they share their thoughts with you if things aren’t going as they would like in the relationship, or would they just ghost you? It could go either way with this one because the air energy of Aquarius suggests they would be inclined to communicate rather than ‘ghost’ but the introverted aspect that some Aquarians have may make it easier for them just to put on their white sheet and rattle a few chains. Let’s ask the Tarot. Are Aquarians capable of ghosting us?
Phew! It looks like we are being saved from games of dress up with the Aquarian. Justice suggests to us that they would play fair and not ghost us. It’s showing us that they would be fair in communication and would prefer to just have ‘the talk’ if things didn’t feel right to them. Nice one Aquarius.

Ok, so that’s a quick look through the astrological signs to see who would ghost us, tune back next week for more Astrological information with a twist of Tarot and a dash of Practicality.

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