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Rhianne's Romantic Revelations-How to tell if they love you


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Everyone acts very differently when they’re in love. What one person does or doesn’t do isn’t always the same as what someone else may or may not do, and believe me, this can be the cause of many a miscommunication, upset or argument.

An act of love to one person, can be a cold non emotional action to another. So this week I’m going to give you your very own guide that shows in an instant whether or not he/she loves you!

Because Tarot Readings are also really great at looking at these types of things I’m also going to add in the corresponding Tarot card for each Sun sign. That way if you have a Tarot Reading you would be able to quickly determine if your partner is showing up in the reading for you.

Aries (Tarot Card: The Emperor) 
When Aries are in love they’ll want to surprise you with last minute getaways and surprise presents.

Taurus (Tarot Card: The Hierophant) 
They’ll become quite protective over you if they truly love you and bend over backwards to please you

Cancer (Tarot Card: The Chariot) 
When Cancerians make a decision to commit they start to talk about their emotions much more, a sure sign that they’re in love.

Gemini (Tarot Card: The Lovers) 
When Gemini’s starts treating you like a best friend, yes really, it’s a big clue that they’re falling in love with you.

Leo (Tarot Card: Strength) 
If your Leo is falling in love with you it won’t be just you that knows, they will tell everyone. Leo’s love to love and you can be certain you won’t need to play guessing games to find out.

Virgo (Tarot Card: The Hermit) 
The ever practical Virgo will be wanting to make sure that on a daily basis they are nurturing you and making sure that you’re ok. Attentiveness from your Virgo spells love.


Libra (Tarot Card: Justice) 
When Libra is in love their attention will switch 100% to you, they will be totally committed and the good part his he/she will have no issues with talking about their feelings for you.

Scorpio (Tarot Card: The Death Card) 
When your Scorpio mate is starting to fall in love with you it will be more of a feeling that you will get. They will be incredibly protective of you and want to spend lots of time with you.

Sagittarius (Tarot Card: Temperance)
When this sign is in love, it’s a gradual process, they won’t rush in, instead they will take things slow, preferring to be sure. Once they are certain that you are the one your Sagittarius mate will be planning things to do and places to go at the speed of light.

Capricorn (Tarot Card: The Devil)
Trust is important to Capricorns and after some time when the trust is built you will find your Capricorn mate very loyal, faithful and committed. The Capricorns have no hesitation in letting you know how they feel when they are 100% in love.

Aquarius (Tarot Card: The Star)
It’s important for Aquarius to feel as though they are making you happy. When they are in love with you be ready to chatter late into the night this signs love to talk.

Pisces (Tarot Card: The Moon) 
Pisces are selfless in love and when they give their hearts they will often put your needs before theirs, always wanting to make their partners life easier and happier. You will know in an instant if they love you.

Tune back next week for more Astrological insights, Wisdom From the Tarot and Practical Solutions

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