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Rhianne's Romantic Revelations - is it a bump in the road?

Romantic Revelations by Rhianne - Is it a bump in the road?

It was all going so well, and then last week there was a little niggle and it got you thinking, this week it’s all gone a bit quiet and yesterday there was a huge heated argument. So, what now? Is there a way forward or is this the end?

Well first of all it’s always good to check the astrological weather forecast for example what’s happening in the heavens. Is Mercury retrograde happening? Are we going through the eclipses? Or do we have a full moon occurring?



Why do I need to know what’s going on in the heavens I hear you ask?

Well, it’s because arguments, quarrels, disagreements and the like are never nice but sometimes they can be explained with what’s going on in the astrological atmosphere. Some aspects can make us act odd, a little quirky, and even a bit out of character at times. So, before you blame your Fiery Aries for leaving the toilet seat up for the tenth time in a row even though you’ve told him millions of times, let’s stop and think, could it be the full moon that’s making him a tad absent minded? Could Mercury retrograde be causing us to notice these things time and again in order to heal them and find a more elegant way forward? Or could the eclipses perhaps be indicating that indeed the road has come to an end?

If you jump straight into the blame game which is so easy to do, it could cause more tension, upset and heartbreak, so a little knowledge goes a long way.
Once you’ve taken a look at the astrological heavens and made a few adjustments and allowances for the energy that’s going on in the skies, we can also look at the Tarot to just for some added insight and extra clarity on a situation.

So, for example let’s ask the Tarot a question.
Why did my boyfriend leave the toilet seat up again even though I have told him multiple times about this, what do I need to know about it?
Eight of Cups, Four of Swords, Page of Wands


The Eight of Wands shows us quite clearly a picture of a full moon, so it could well be that a little moon energy is influencing your partner at the moment. He seems to have left his emotions behind right now and isn’t really thinking clearly about how it would make you feel. He certainly hasn’t done it to upset you or on purpose to get a reaction, he just seems a bit distracted right now.

The Four of swords indicates someone who is tired and needs a rest, mentally they have been over doing things and need to just switch off. This is good news it shows that he really just wasn’t thinking and absent-mindedly left the toilet seat up.

Page of Wands shows a person looking at new paths to travel down and feeling quite vulnerable and out of his depth. This seems to me that your toilet seat guy is just distracted, and perhaps a little overwhelmed at the moment and is looking at new options for the two of you in the future.

Best advice here is to hold back a little and wait for a ‘better time’ to have a chat with him about the seat. Let the energy of the heavens get a little calmer, and then have a talk with him. It could be that he’s been working hard, feeling tired and distracted because he’s saving up for an engagement ring, so you don’t want to come in the way of that do you? All seems well, it’s just a little astrological shenanigan going on and it will soon pass, just a bump in the road.

Tune back next week for some more Astrological insight, Wisdom from the Tarot and Practical Solutions.

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