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Rhianne's Romantic Revelations - Moon Magic

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Romantic Revelations by Rhianne 

Have you ever noticed at the time of the full moon that emotions come up to the surface more than normal? Even the word lunatic comes from the word lunar, which relates to the moon and its lunar cycles.

More driving accidents are said to occur during this time, and people in general just act out more.
Why is this?


Well, if you consider that the moon rules the sea, the tides, the water, and that our bodies are made up of about 60% water it stands to reason that somehow the moon through all of its stages will affect us on the emotional level, ‘The Full Moon’ phase being the largest influencer.

Have you ever had an argument with a loved one and afterwards thought “oh no, why oh why did I say that” because for some reason you’ve just gone overboard on the insults, and felt ‘carried away’ by the emotion of it?
It happens, but I’ll bet my bottom dollar it’s happened more during ‘The Full Moon’ phase.


With that in mind, I thought this week we could explore the difficulties that can come up in relationships during this time and how to overcome them.
Ok, so let’s see how we can incorporate a little ‘Moon Magic’ into our relationships and navigate this time of the month with ease and elegance with the help of trusty Tarot. I’ve pulled three Tarot cards to show you how things work:
Moon Magic and the Wisdom of the Tarot
Eight of Pentacles, The Tower, Ace of Wands

What an interesting set of cards, I love these.

In order to navigate the Full Moon’s strong emotional undercurrents, the wisdom of the Tarot is showing us that the best way forward is to focus on earth energy and create stability by doing something (Eight of Pentacles). This can mean working together with your partner on a project, or just getting your home in order, de-cluttering, or perhaps developing your skills and learning something new together by going on a course.


It’s definitely talking about staying in the energy of doing rather than talking about your feelings, such as how it makes you feel when they don’t return your calls straight away, or when they don’t seem to be listening to what you are saying, those conversations are best left until after ‘The Full Moon’ phase!

If arguments do seem to be brewing, recognise that perhaps ‘The Full Moon’ is just serving to bring to light an issue that can be resolved. When you come from a place of ‘What can we learn about each other with this difference of opinion?’ or ‘How can we overcome this with compromise once and for all?’ The Full Moon and its magical influence can really serve to deepen your connection with your loved one rather than cause its destruction. (The Tower).


Breakthroughs in relationships can happen during the time of ‘The Full Moon’, moments of inspirations and gifts from the universe can be showered upon you (Ace of Wands). What the Tarot is showing us here is that if you can navigate the storms of ‘The Full Moon’, the gift that this wisdom and deeper understanding of your partner can give you, are moments of clarity that have previously been hidden.

Perhaps with you navigating ‘The Full Moon’ energy in a more stable earth energy way, your partner suddenly realises what a firecracker of a partner they've got (Ace of Wands – fire energy) and suddenly and out of the blue pops ‘the’ question!


So, as you can see with a little bit of knowledge about how to use ‘The Full Moon’ energy to your advantage you can really transform your relationships for the better. 

For more practical, Astrological, and Tarot Wisdom Tune back next week, we’ll be taking a look at ‘What to do when worlds collide!’

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