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Rhianne's Romantic Revelations - When Worlds Collide

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Romantic Revelations by Rhianne - When Worlds Collide

Have you ever taken your car for its MOT only to have the guy at the garage look at your car and then do that thing where he makes a noise as he takes a sharp intake a breath all the while shaking his head, and you just know it’s going to cost a fortune to put your beloved Rosie (You don’t call your car Rosie? Oh, just me then! Teehee!), back on the road again.

Well it’s that same sharp intake of breath that can happen when you check out your Astrology online along with your partners and you suddenly realise with a feeling of dread that he’s a Fire Sign and you’re a Water Sign, or perhaps he’s Air and you’re Earth.



Some elements go together quite nicely, such as Water and Earth for example because on an elemental level water finds its home in earth. Then there are some that ermmm… don’t quite go together as smoothly… such as the examples above, for instance Fire and Water.

Why is that then?

Well, if you think about the elements Fire and Water, Water puts Fire out and this can leave your Loving Leo with his desire for you a tad dampened to say the least.
Hmm, so what to do… How can we overcome this little astrological challenge? Let’s take a look at the Tarot and see what wisdom it has for us this week:


Two of Swords, Five of Cups, Six of Pentacles

Even if the astrological elements say otherwise, the Two of Swords is showing us here that it’s important not to let your mind keep you stuck, when you are open to possibilities in life, more possibilities are presented to you and it would seem with this Tarot card that it is indeed possible to connect on a deep emotional level with the object of your desire.

The Two of Swords shows us that the mind can create the blocks, but that emotion can overcome them, so if you have a deep emotional connection then all is not lost (Five of Cups).
The Five of Cups shows someone who is feeling sadness and regret and yet there is still hope, this is the Tarot re-iterating to you that this is a challenge that can be easily overcome.
The Six of Pentacles talks about balance, so in the context of relationships this advice is all about compromise. Give and take, not letting the emotions of sadness overcome you but working towards (Six of Pentacles - earth energy) finding a balanced and compromised solution.
Love it!

Ok, so let’s just add a little bit of mind set work to this just to help things along even further.
An example here would be, you are a Water Sign, deep with emotions, and your lover is a Fire Sign, a go getter, liking to be on the go and doing things all the time, whereas you want to be at home, cosy and away from the demands of the world.

How can you overcome this elemental relationship challenge?

An example here would be, he wants you to go out every weekend to see friends and connect with people, going here there and everywhere, you love him, but you also want to be able to stay home now and then.

A compromise here could be to invite some friends over for drinks, dinner, or just a general get together now and then, it’s a win/win for both of you, he gets to see his friends and you get to stay at home!
With just a few tweaks here and there, that sharp intake of breath can easily be turned into a sigh of pleasure when you are faced with an astrologically challenged romance!

For more practical, Astrological, and Tarot Wisdom tune back next week.

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