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Rhianne's Romantic Revelations - When Your Partner is Blue


Romantic Revelations by Rhianne - The Inside Scoop on What to do When Your Partner's Feeling Blue

What we’re going to look at this week is how to cheer up your partner when they’re feeling blue based on their elemental sign. 

So, if you’re wanting to make an impression with your new partner or even old partner for that matter, grab a coffee and continue reading.
I’ve got some hints and tips that’ll make you look like the best thing since sliced bread… or a flat white!



Let’s start with the element of water: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio

These signs are all ruled by the element of water and they feel at home and at ease with their emotions as well as being around or near water. If your Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer mate is feeling a little bit down then a trip to the local swimming baths (providing they can swim of course!), a day out by the seaside or a good old rom-com will work wonders to put a smile back on their fishy, Scorpionic, or little crabby face!


So that’s the elemental side of things let’s take a look and see what the Tarot can add for us, just to help us on our way to be the very best, girlfriend/boyfriend in the world…ever!
Knight of Pentacles
The knight of pentacles is suggesting that right now your fishy or even crabby friend won’t really want to plan too far into the future, with some signs it’s good to plan ahead and have things to look forward too, but with water signs consumed with their emotions, the best thing to do is to stay in the present moment with them, enjoy the now. Making plans too far ahead can send them into a overload of emotions, so it’s just one thing at a time, practical steps and solutions are key, which gives earth energy to your watery friend and this makes them feel safe.

Ok, so let’s move on to the element of fire: Aries, Sagittarius and Leo
These signs are action orientated so if your feisty fire sign is feeling a little out of sorts then planning a road trip, or something to do that involves travel would be perfect.
And just to make sure we’ve got everything covered for you let’s have a look at what the Tarot has to say about helping your Fiery friend!
The Justice card speaks of balance and for the Fire sign it could well be that there feeling a little down if they’ve been overdoing things, balance and pacing themselves is the key here. But in the context of you being the best partner ever, then it speaks of you taking up the slack in the relationship, being there for them and asking what you can do to help or support them. Just talking and being there for them will help them find their inner spark quicker than you can say Fireworks!




Ok, let’s look at the air signs: Gemini, Aquarius and Libra
These signs are known for their logical thinking, communication and love of being sociable. If you want to cheer up your affable air sign, then meeting up with friends would be a great idea, on the flip side, if they’re feeling a little down remember to also give them some ‘quiet time’ they will need thinking room to logically take stock of their life.

So that’s the elemental side, let’s take a look at what the Tarot has to say about this.
Five of Cups
This card is an interesting one to come out and the advice is more for you. What this is saying is that even if your air sign pal wants some alone time and the communication between the two of you goes a little off course, fear not, it’s just their way, all is not lost, and the relationship isn’t over. It’s just part of their personality. A nice little tip there from the tarot! Great stuff.


Ok, so to the Earth signs we go Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
These guys will try to keep themselves busy, and usually like to bury their heads in work. If you’re wanting to be the perfect partner and cheer them up, then give them a project to get their teeth into. Earth signs love to see the results from the actions of something they’ve made/done/accomplished, and it soon cheers them up and makes them feel good again.

Ok so we have the basics for the element of earth, let’s see what the Tarot has for us this time.
5 Pentacles
The five of pentacles is also earth energy but it shows isolation here, and you may find that your earth sign needs a little time apart just like the air signs to ‘work’ through things. If this is the case, don’t feel as though they have abandoned you, just know it’s what they need right now.
Fabulous! Guidance from the Heavens with a little dash of guidance from the Tarot in how to be the best ever Girlfriend/Boyfriend in the whole wide world… Magic!

For more Astrological, Tarot and Practical Wisdom, tune back next week.

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