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Saturn Returns

ImageThere comes a time in our lives when we need a change, we’ve all seen it, when we finally need to lay down those roots, get married and have children or perhaps it’s time to get rid of the partner we are with when we no longer feel that they are the person we are meant to grow old with.

Well, you may have thought that this is just due to life and the changes it throws upon us, but it is actually the changes that the planets and in particular Saturn, also known as the Prince of Time places upon us. 

Just as the animals know when to hibernate and the flowers know when to bud, so the planets dictate to us when we should move on to the next important stage of our life and self growth and awareness take place. Between the ages of 28 and 30, 58 and 60 and again if we’re lucky enough between the ages of 86-88 we experience what is called in astrological terms as our ‘Saturn Return.’If you know anything at all about this planet then you will know that it is most commonly called, ‘The Great Teacher’.

I have had many a person walk into my boutique for a reading who had ‘Saturn Return’ written all over their faces. The poor old souls have no idea at all why they’ve finally tired of the man that’s been hitting them or why they’ve decided to stop letting that woman take them for a ride with their money while seeing their best friend behind their back. Women who are going through this experience often change their hair colour or style dramatically.  If you look around you at the people who are in their thirties, they are usually living out the decisions they made between the ages of 28-30.  This is often when they got married, had their children, or decided to go independent in business.

The first Saturn return between the ages of 28-30 is the most dramatic and is really when we leave youth and enter adulthood. The things that we can do both shock and please us but also bring us into the reality of life.  Before, we are only ever likely to have talked about what we are going to do but your Saturn return brings the movies right into your living room and can often be quite a daunting experience.

You make decisions which are sure to surprise those around you, but are of great benefit to your future. The second Saturn Return between the ages of 58-60 is when we leave the adult world to become mature men and women and once again make decisions that benefit our present situations, or perhaps we even go for a change of image with our hair or clothes to express to the world what a grown up we have become. 

You know when you look at someone and you suddenly think "they don’t look so young any more -  they now look like a really responsible, mature person"? Well, they’ve probably just gone through their Saturn Return, so congratulate them. The third Saturn return between the ages of 86-88 is when we become wise old souls indeed. It is when the other people in our lives will start to turn to us for advice and guidance rather than covering their ears when we speak.


Saturn is actually the second largest planet in our solar system.  Jupiter being the biggest.  Saturn has three main rings but hundreds and maybe even thousands of smaller ones made up of ice and rock, which swirl around the planet.  It also has twelve moons the largest of which is called Titan.  Many astrologers say that Saturn is bad news but I can’t agree with that.  Originally like the planet Mars, Saturn was an agricultural god.  Then in later years he presided over Saturnalia in Rome. This was a great feast and public holiday. Much later he was adopted by the Christians and re named Christmas, so there must be a good side to him after all, don’t you think?  Even a bad planet can lead us to do good things and what Saturn does is make major events occur in our career and relationships. This brings in us a change of attitude and so new directions and more serious decisions are made that often change the entire direction of our lives.

Although Saturn can make us cold and aloof and very selfish it can also help us with perseverance and determination without which we could not achieve many of our goals or make the changes we desire.  It helps us to prepare, practically and spiritually, for the end of an important cycle in our life and to start a new one.  For some this could mean a new addition to the family, for others the ending of a relationship, the beginning of a new career or even a proposal to the person we realise we want to be with. So not only do people marry and divorce upon their Saturn Return they also form great businesses.
Let’s take a look at some famous examples of Saturn Returns…


Jesus Christ found his calling at 28 and although this is a rather showy example, it is a good one.


Taurean Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair was elected MP for Sedgefield on the 9th June 1983 at the age of 30 and his Saturn Return took him right to the door of 10 Downing Street.

Leo singer and actress Jennifer Lopez left her long time boyfriend, Singer Puff Daddy when she was 30, having learnt that they were destined to be friends. This is also the time that she launched her solo singing career and found success in the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. She had found her true calling, A few years before, her public had only ever seen her as an actress, but Jennifer claims that singing has always been her true dream and she followed it, pushed on by her Saturn return.


Virgo Pamela Anderson had her baby at 28 and if you have seen any footage of her as a mum you will see that she adores her children. This was obviously a very meaningful and important turning point in her life.

Libran Actress Catherine Zeta Jones married her husband of the same sign Michael Douglas and had their first child together at 30

Scorpio Luciana Morad became pregnant by Rolling Stone Mick Jagger at aged 29 and had his lovechild

Taurean Actress Patsy Palmer became pregnant twice during her Saturn Return

Cancerian Emma Noble had her first child at 28

Pisces Patsy Kensit had baby Lenon at age 28 and then left her then husband, Oasis Singer, Liam Gallagher

Wherever or however your Saturn return affects you, enjoy it. Remember that it will only help your life, and if sometimes that means throwing out the rubbish then so be it. Relax into the journey it will take you on and you are sure to end up in a sanguine destination.


You can find further information on astrological terms by clicking here .

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