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Seducing Out and About

engaged.jpgHeading out on the town? People often forgot just how important love horoscopes can be to help you find your soul mate. Once you understand how and why the stars work you can work towards seducing your perfect mate by their star sign.

Earth signs
The Earth signs are usually hanging out near the buffet. Even Virgo has a big appetite for scrumptious things (Especially women).  Best way to grab his attention is to get finger-licking too. If there are no canapes, tell him you're going to rustle something up in the nearest kitchen. He's sure to follow, even if it's all the way back to your own.

Air signs
Air signs love to chat and flirt with every beautiful-looking woman in sight. He'll wait at the bar for the inevitable adoring throng to assemble around him. Include yourself in this heaving mass of would-be seductresses, but to out-impress the competition, make sure your perfume wafts the closest and lasts the longest. And no cheap stuff 'per-leese'.

Fire signs
He's dance-floor crazy, and it's hard to drag him off it. And as he's pretty sure that's he's the best thing since Michael Jackson, it's hard to keep up with his dynamic energy. So be the one who brings him vats of water when he's sweating between numbers. He's into female body-guards, and women who don't try to steal his thunder.

Water signs
He's telling the DJ what music to play, organising the drinks table, shuffling from crowd to crowd and restless and bored by it all. But he's easily led astray. As he's about drunk himself silly, grab a bottle of bubbly and suggest you go out for a breath of fresh air, even if it's raining women, he'll be taken out of himself by you.


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