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Singles Only - Destination to Fulfil your Destiny


Where will you find true love if single? Where is the best place to have a fabulous holiday and get in the groove?  Well, depending on your sun sign here are the top destinations to fulfill your destiny!



You're a fiery extrovert and you just have to bop till you drop with the kind of men that can keep up with you. So head for partying Ibiza.  Just don't go with a Capricorn pal, she'll be trying to get you back to the hotel
before the clubs are even open.   Don't get tangled up with a Leo, or you
might find his family and pals start trying to tell you what to do.

Nurture your sensual side and be pampered at a chic hotel on a bewitching island like Crete. Feast your eyes on the landscape, the art, and the local talent of course. Go with a Cancer, they'll keep you from being led astray by a dangerously beautiful face and point out one who has your interests at heart - a classy Capricorn.

Head off for an adventurous break, whether it's a safari or a trip up the Amazon, you curiosity needs a challenge, and he's waiting for you. Watch out for a Leo fellow traveller who could get you involved in a love triangle. Instead, deliver yourself into the hands of a Sagittarian, and you could be up for a steamy affair.

You clanny cancerians need to holiday with friends to get you in the mood for flirting and fun, so head for sexy Majorca with your mates. A Taurean pal will get the lowdown on that delicious guy you fancy. Scorpios will keep you up all night under the stars, Taureans will just want to hold you tight.

LEO Image
Head off to Corfu for summer fun. You Leos need to show off your beautiful bronzing bodies on the beach, in the bar and on the dance floor. Watch out for a Pisces babe who knows exactly how to wind you up by baring more than her midriff. Look out for Aries men. A twinkle in their eye means they're up for some sexy antics.

Head off for Tuscany or Provence, you need art, culture and fabulous landscapes to inspire your Virgoan earthy side. Don't get bogged down by a Cancerian with a sob-story. You won't 'accidentally on purpose' bump into that tasty man who grinned at you the day before. And he's a Gemini.

Head for a dreamy Greek island, like Kos. You Librans are romantics and need long sultry nights, laced with your own cocktail of wicked men. Avoid Scorpios, they're already involved in a complicated love triangle, but  keep your eyes open for Pisces. They know how to give you the best sex ever.

Paris, Rome or Madrid? why not all three - you need glamour, buzz and men who take life, love and sex seriously, and you'll find it in the bustle of those city bars. Take a Gemini pal and your pullability rating will soar.
Look out for Aquarians. They just wanna have fun, and you're the one to give it to them.

Get the back-pack out, or jump in the camper van and head for anywhere. You know you like travelling, so it doesn't matter where you go, every stranger will be a fascinating exercise in unleashing those seductive skills. Take care you don't fall for a Virgo or you could be ironing his jeans, rather than taking them off.

Ambitious Cappies like you, need to take off somewhere where the rich kids play. Get down to the Cote d'Azur, and flash your stuff. Just don't go with a Virgo pal, she could win at that roulette table and spoil a sexy liaison.
You feel 'it' in your bones, you feel 'it' all around you, and in the flesh he's gorgeous - a real live Taurus.

You love doing crazy things, so get trekking round India or just across the Pyrenees or Welsh mountains with a Libran pal who'll make the camp-fire while you're making it with Mr Right Now. Look out for a dreamy Pisces he wants to talk about other things than just sex, like you.

Pisces, as long you're  by the sea you're happy. And romance beckons on the exotic shores of anywhere from St Lucia to Croatia. Don't go with a highly-strung Virgo though, they'll criticise every tasty bloke that comes near you. You might think you're aiming your sights too high with a classy Cancer. But look into his eyes and he'll be spellbound.

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