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Top 10 Reasons Your Ex Left You


Ever wondered why the your Ex left you without so much as an explanation? Want to know how to keep the partner of your dreams?

Here’s a quick look at the top ten turn offs for each sign so you can avoid the pitfalls and ensure that you keep them interested long after the honeymoon period has come to an end….



1/ Planned weekends, they want to explore!
2/ Partners that have to work late at night.
3/ Smelly feet
4/ Dirty underwear
5/ Cheap perfume or aftershave
6/ Presents that they have asked for. They want and need surprise
7/ People that snort when they laugh
8/ Broken promises
9/ Heart to hearts, they’d rather speak when they’re ready
10/ Smokers, they can smoke but you can’t


1/ Bad breath
2/ Liars
3/ Houses with no personality
4/ People that won’t say I love you
5/ Bad cooks
6/ Small portions of food and bad service in restaurants
7/ Partners that work night shifts
8/ People who drink too much
9/ People that talk too much
10/ People with voices louder than their own


1/ Jealousy
2/ Nitpickers
3/ Hoarders
4/ Guzzle guts
5/ People who repeat themselves
6/ Meanness
7/ People who dance but can’t
8/ People who wear matching clothes
9/ The word ‘commitment’
10/ Planners


1/ Liars
2/ Indolence
3/ Beer bellies
4/ Swearing
5/ People who talk about themselves all the time
6/ People that put themselves before them
7/ Obviously tarty or cheap clothes
8/ People who gargle when they snore
9/ Partners who won’t talk about issues
10/ Lateness


1/ Bad dress sense
2/ Nasal hair
3/ Controllers
4/ People who burp
5/ People who smoke roll up cigarettes
6/ Laziness (in others of course!)
7/ Loudmouths
8/ People who spend more than they earn
9/ People who borrow money from them
10/ Fake designer wear


1/ Know it all’s (after all they know it all already!)
2/ Chewing gum
3/ BO
4/ Lack of punctuality
5/ Spendthrifts
6/ Bad cooks
7/ Facial hair
8/ People who burp after food
9/ Untidiness
10/ Organisers (After all that’s their job!)


1/ Spitefulness
2/ Dirty fingernails
3/ People who pick their feet
4/ Flirts (they’re the only one allowed to do that!)
5/ Wearing clothes that are too casual such as people who wear jogging bottoms out
6/ Dirty jokes in mixed company
7/ People who wear night clothes after 9am
8/ False nails
9/ People who can’t handle their drink (even though they can’t!)
10/ Billy Liars


2/ Bad Breath
3/ No Ambition
4/ Lies
5/ Infidelity
6/ Ex partners of yours
7/ People that bite the skin around their nails
8/ Lack of money
9/ Predictability
10/ Cheap shoes


1/ Baby talk
2/ People who apologise all the time
3/ Envy
4/ People who talk more than they do
5/ Organisers
6/ The word ‘long term’
7/ People who take hours to get ready
8/ Obsessive cleanliness
9/ Annoying laughs
10/ Penny pinchers


1/ Karaoke singers
2/ Too much make up
3/ Sob stories
4/ People who wear clothes too tight
5/ People who talk for the sake of it
6/ Weak willed people
7/ Show offs (even though it’s ok for them to do it!)
8/ Backseat drivers
9/ People who don’t stand their ground
10/ Bad drinkers


1/ People who keep all the good gossip for themselves
2/ Party poopers
3/ People who won’t stand their ground
4/ Tales of woe
5/ Guzzle guts
6/ People who use pet names
7/ People that try to be know it alls
8/ People who flick their hair (that’s just for them to do!)
9/ Nail biters
10/ Bad company


1/ People that dress too plainly (if you’ve got it flaunt it darling!)
2/ People who talk about sex in public (they like to save it for private, especially with what they have in mind!)
3/ People who wear shoes that aren’t designer
4/ Foul mouths in public
5/ Clean mouths in private
6/ People who don’t drink
7/ Boring dress sense
8/ Other people’s children (but their own are fine of course!)
9/ Cheery people in the morning
10/ Having their feet tickled when they’re asleep

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