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Travelling alone - a truly liberating experience


More and more of us are choosing to do things by ourselves. Whether it’s going to concerts, the cinema, short breaks or long haul trips, it is becoming far less unusual to embark on these experiences alone.

This is true not only for those who happen to be single, but it is also becoming a common choice for some couples. The focus on ‘me-time’ and the acceptance of the need to create the space to get to know oneself spiritually and emotionally, means individuals are taking time out by themselves to discover their inner realities, to find self-love.

This is reflected in the increase in holiday companies that offer solo traveller packages. Single supplements are fast on their way to becoming a thing of the past. Not before time either. Why should you be penalised for being brave enough to want to go travelling by yourself?!

I say brave because, though there has been a seismic shift in attitude, it is still quite a big decision to take, particularly for women, and particularly if you are an older woman. By this, I mean if you are not in your late teens or early twenties, a student on a gap year perhaps, where going off to experience the world is often seen as par for the course.

One of the main benefits of travelling alone is the unadulterated joy of being completely in charge. Every decision, every choice, the where, what, when and how, is totally up to you. Oh the freedom! Oh the power!


For those of us more used to having to always consider the needs and desires of a partner, kids, family, friends, this might sound like an impossible dream. In actuality, it can also end up feeling somewhat overwhelming. This is part of the self-discovery that can come as part of being an independent traveller. If you’ve lost the connection to your desires and needs, your likes and dislikes, this could be an amazing period of self-exploration.



Whilst not wanting to kill the aspect of freedom and the attitude of seeing where the journey takes you, it is a good idea to do some pre planning. Be sure to research the local customs and the cultural traditions, particularly if you are visiting somewhere with religious and societal ideas that may be very different to those you are used to. You may need to dress differently, adhere to different attitudes to alcohol, sexual freedom and sexuality, amongst other many other things.

Travelling on your own as a woman has its own considerations of course. Much as we might want to believe that in 2019 we are all equal, it is important to bear in mind that the attitudes and laws of your destination may not quite reflect this in the way you are used to. If you are choosing to visit that country it makes sense to respect the cultural norms of that place and its people. As a woman you may be required to cover up, not be able to go out unaccompanied, visit certain places etc. Making yourself savvy about these things will keep you safe, and allow you to fully immerse yourself in a different cultural experience.


If you are going somewhere particularly different, or are travelling for prolonged period, it is an idea to let someone back home know of your travel plans and itinerary, as far as you have it worked out. Checking in regularly is also worth considering. Social media makes this a lot easier of course. But perhaps you will find yourself somewhere where the internet is not quite so reliable or accessible. This can bring its own joys of course, but keeping others aware of your location via a quick call or text is a valuable connection too.

The opportunity to challenge yourself that holidaying alone can present is not one to be missed. Group activity breaks are a way of doing this whilst still maintaining some sense of security and company. Whether you opt to go hiking, painting in Aux d’ Provence, or on a flamenco dancing retreat, it is a chance to make new friends, discover new interests, and perhaps even hidden talents, that will see you through to the next exciting phase in your life that you are choosing to be actively engaged in.

Regardless of where you are heading to on your solo travels, whether it’s Devon, Dubai or Delhi, the sense of adventure should fill you with an exhilarating and invigorating sense of self. From tackling the unknown can come deep learning, leading to a momentous period of personal growth. You may be faced with challenges that will highlight and strengthen your resilience. Your reactions to the good, the bad and the ugly that you may encounter might just surprise you, and will certainly teach you about yourself.


As daunting as travelling alone may seem at first, the opportunities it can throw up are multiple and exciting. With just a little forethought and planning it is possible to make this journey a truly seminal, joyous and safe experience. Call one of our Psychic Readers today for an uplifting spiritual exprience that can help you to find the confidence to go it alone.


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