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Ultimate Compatibility Guide - Capricorn Woman


capricorn-glyph.gifSarah's sign by sign zodiac love and compatibility guide for the Capricorn woman




aries-glyph.gifCapricorn woman/Aries man
A battle of wills, but a very physical magnetism between them. He¹s egotistical and sometimes thinks she's too self-absorbed. Great for a professionally dynamic partnership with loads of sex. Not high on romance or peace when they both get fanatical about their careers.

taurus-glyph.gifCapricorn woman/Taurus man
Materially, physically and mentally they're in tune, but, and there is a but, they could end up in more fights than they imagine simply because they can both get obsessed about who's in control of the credit cards. Yet good for mutual success, if they keep their heads and their cool.

gemini-glyph.gifCapricorn woman/Gemini man
Steamingly sexy to begin with, but he¹s a man who needs constant change in his life or he¹ll be off flirting the night away while she's doing the ironing. Not easy long-term, but could be a laugh a minute while he¹s enthusiastic and kept amused.

cancer-glyph.gifCapricorn woman/Cancer man
Very sexy rapport, extremely serious and often highly succesful. Takes a while to break through his defensive boundaries, but once she's proved she's there for life, she probably will be. Better if they're both ambitious about reaching the top of their profession or resentment could brew.

leo-glyph.gifCapricorn woman/Leo man
Glamourous liaison built on mutual desire for wealth or ambition. But he¹s very vain, so she needs to treat him as if he were the only man on earth. Sexually sensational, their only problem is that she might get fed up with his self-righteous streak.

virgo-glyph.gifCapricorn woman/Virgo man
An affinity for the same pleasures in life. A sensually fulfilling relationship, especially as he understands her need for power and prestige. As long as he also accepts her desire to be in control, and she can deal with his teasing side, could be a smash-hit.

libra-glyph.gifCapricorn woman/Libra man
Intitially  attracted by their very differences. He¹s romantic, and unreliable, she's down to earth and totally dependable.  Long-term he might still hanker for the perfect woman, even though she knows she's exactly that. Not easy, but certainly creative.

scorpio-glyph.gifCapricorn woman/Scorpio man
Challenging and often highly successful. They're both driven by power, and both prefer a very private relationship. The only down side  is that she's more of a social animal than he is, and he could get resentful of her ambitious streak. Sexually great, emotionally exhausting.

sagittarius-glyph.gifCapricorn woman/Sagittarius man
He envies successful people and he adores anyone who name drops. Image, wealth and power turn him on, so will the Capricorn woman. If she can giv e him all the space in  the world, he'll probably keep coming back for more. Otherwise he¹ll be on another scent when the initial passion¹s worn off.

capricorn-glyph.gifCapricorn woman/Capricorn man
Sexy rapport, and they both understand the other inside-out, but she always feel there¹s something missing. Power-plays and rivalry likely, so good for a challenging relationship. But she just might fall in love with a wild romantic while he¹s working on his image or being head-hunted.

aquarius-glyph.gifCapricorn woman/Aquarius man
They both fall for the other due to their very different perspective on life. But will probably want each other to adapt to their way of thinking. Can be a highly successful rapport if he accepts she needs things done by the book, and she accepts he needs freedom to do whatever he likes.

pisces-glyph.gifCapricorn woman/Pisces man
His very changeable moods sometimes make her a little hot under the collar. Not an easy rapport, as she want things to be black and white, he prefers a few grey areas. Epecially when he disappears when they're supposed to be entertaining her business chums. Sexy, but unstable.




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