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Ultimate Compatibility Guide - Pisces Woman


pisces-glyph.gifSarah's sign by sign zodiac love and compatibility guide for the Pisces woman




aries-glyph.gifPisces woman/Aries  man
Brimming with passion and audacity, he can't resist her lush sensuality. She easily surrender to his hilarious games and unihibited sexual style. Difficulties could arise though, when she needs to feel totally part of his life, while he wants to be a lone wolf.

taurus-glyph.gifPisces woman/Taurus man
He treasures her sensitivity and is easily seduced by her femininity. She might persuade him to save a few whales, but he could be just too interested in making money to be charitable all the time. He's professionally serious, so if she can keep up with his stamina for success, she'll be rewarded.

gemini-glyph.gifPisces woman/Gemini man
At times he wants fun, laughter, conversation and wine, at others he'll disappear from her bed at dawn when he's on some secret mission. She'll enjoy those mind games, but she could start to feel resentful when her fantasy world seems to be wasted on him. Tense, but unforgettable.

cancer-glyph.gifPisces woman/Cancer man
She's inspired by his sensual rhythms and varying moods of passion. A great sexual balance between them and they understand each other's moods and feelings. The only problem is his need to be mothered and hers to not take on  that kind of responsibilty. An on-and-off kind of romance,  but often long-lasting.

leo-glyph.gifPisces woman/Leo man
She may feel like a princess about to be released from the tower, but he does need her to be there for him on permanent standby. She prefers to escape into her dream world, he¹d rather he was the only fantasy she had. Superb sexual rapport, but in the real world, basically difficult.

virgo-glyph.gifPisces woman/Virgo man
Together they have tense then teasing moments, totally insatiable and unstoppable. Feelings between them  are profound and they develop a haunting devotion to one another.  Excellent for long-term sexual rapport and harmony.

libra-glyph.gifPisces woman/Libra man
Very romantic kick-off, but his intellectual approach to life and love may begin to disturb her when she'd rather be drifting on the tide without a care in the world. A dreamy, almost unreal relationship and sexually irresistible. Long-term they could just make it one endless romantic novel.

scorpio-glyph.gifPisces woman/Scorpio man
Excellent for a sexual fling, but she gets defensive when he thinks he owns her. If he gives her enough space, then long-term prospects are good, but he¹ll have to accept her seductive streak.  This is Mr Jealousy and Miss Flirtatious don¹t forget.

sagittarius-glyph.gifPisces woman/Sagittarius man
He¹s a bit of a sexual roamer while she's interested in clandestine romance, so they might meet through a love triangle.  He'll never stop being seduced by her elusive aura. A wonderful sexual rapport as long as they give each other space.

capricorn-glyph.gifPisces woman/Capricorn man
Preferring to keep his own feelings locked away, she finds his emotional coldness won 't keep her involved. She may fall under his spell for a while, but not an easy relationship between them. She has a quest for the unusual, the unknown and lots of change. All things he loathes.

aquarius-glyph.gifPisces woman/Aquarius man
His radical belief-system and male pride may jar with her more ephemeral ideals. Although physically it¹s all very arousing, they have very different emotional needs. Can be amusin g for a while, but they're more likely to drift apart than stick together.

pisces-glyph.gifPisces woman/Pisces man
Trapped in a fantasy world, neither rarely look outside at the real one. A totally erotic rapport, but their dependency on one another co es with a high price. This may result in one of them acting the martyr through fear of abandonment. Tricky, but always fascinating.




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