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Ultimate Compatibility Guide - Taurus Woman


Sarah's sign by sign zodiac love and compatibility guide for the Taurus woman




aries-glyph.gifTaurus woman/Aries man
An instant magnetism based on their very different needs. He likes to be indulged, and she adores him for his sexy smile and crazy, impulsive humour. There's an unconscious power struggle that might develop between them, but if she stays cool, he'll stick around longer than she imagines.

taurus-glyph.gifTaurus woman/Taurus man
Likely to be spending most of their time together on the horizontal. Lots of silent tenacity and mutual defiance out of the bedroom, but a wonderful earthy rapport as long as they both remember to communicate. Where money's concerned they're like a couple of kids with a new toy.

gemini-glyph.gifTaurus woman/Gemini man
If she gets possessive about him he'll disappear faster than he appeared in her life. Good for romance, but he's totally unreliable and utterly flirtatious with her friends. If she encourages him to develop his career ambitions, it might just keep him from straying.

cancer-glyph.gifTaurus woman/Cancer man
His fantasy world intrigues her and might take a lifetime to explore. He wants to be mothered, not smothered, so she must take care not to be too possessive. Warmth and companionship are important to you both. The only problem is when there's a minor upset, and they both go into a silent sulk for days.

leo-glyph.gifTaurus woman/Leo man
They communicate in very different ways, he's all fire and brimstone, she's more cautious. But they both feel that there's something incredibly binding between them, especially if they both respect the other's differences. He needs loyalty and to be treated like a king, she has little choice but to get cooking, seducing, and indulging his every whim.

virgo-glyph.gifTaurus woman/Virgo man
A warm, trusting rapport. He's sure she's the archetypal earth goddess, but sexy with it, and she knows he's far more sensible than anyone she's ever met.  He might decide she's too self-indulgent when he goes on one of his health kicks, but usually a long-lasting and unbreakable bond.

libra-glyph.gifTaurus woman/ Libra man
He lives in his head, and doesn't like to be brought down to earth too often. He's also ever so vain, and she just can't resist out-flirting him at any social event. They often compete for social approval in public, but in private they'll be lazing around in each other¹s arms.

scorpio-glyph.gifTaurus woman/Scorpio man
One of the most potent and arousing clashes in the zodiac. He'll be drawn to her earthy needs and she to his extremes of passion and intense emotions. A challenging and highly transformative relationship that can be total love, total hate or both.

sagittarius-glyph.gifTaurus woman/Sagittarius man
He loves to feel free and doesn¹t really want to be committed. She needs to have some sense of stability, and know exactly where he is every minute of the day. If she's prepared for him to wander and return to her side she'll have a fabulous lover and friend. But he needs to accept she values continuity above unreliability, and that's not easy for the wild rover of the zodiac.

capricorn-glyph.gifTaurus woman/ Capricorn man
Sexually she's more sensual than he is; she needs tactile warmth, while he prefers to plot business coups on the phone from his favoruite place, the bath.  Excellent for long-term friendship and commitment as long as she's as serious about materialism and living a dynamic lifestyle as he is.

aquarius-glyph.gifTaurus woman/Aquarius man
He loves to be alone planning grand visionary schemes for the future, or just out and about with a million pals. He needs more freedom than perhaps she would let him have, which can lead to him feeling stifled.  Good for a fun-loving fling, as long as she can tolerate his ex-lovers being his friends. Not very easy long-term.

pisces-glyph.gifTaurus woman/ Pisces man
She often feels left out of his imaginative world but is drawn towards his sensitive nature and intuitive talents.  He adores her down-to-earth approach to life, and loves to rely on her. Eventually she notices he's far stronger than he appears, and he realises she's emotionally more sensitive than he thought. Can work for a while.



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