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What Can Spook Your Lover in a Relationship - part 1


Romantic Revelations by Rhianne 

As we head onwards into Halloween season (Where has the year gone!) I thought I’d go with a Halloween theme and a little play on words this week to make things fun. We’re delving into the question, What can ‘Spook’ your lover in a relationship?

Or in other words, make him/her back off, go quiet or even ghost you! I’m going to take a walk through the signs with you touching on each sign whilst also taking a little guidance on how to keep things running smoothly in your relationship from the Tarot.
So Let’s begin.


Pisces – Pisces love to share their feelings and emotions with their nearest and dearest. What can really spook a Pisces though is someone who tells them they’re not being logical. Of course they’re not! Pisces are a water sign and are ruled by their emotions so too much logic coming into a relationship can really spook your Pisces!
Tarot Advice: Five of Wands - The Five of Wands’ saying is ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’. The interpretation from the Tarot here is to try to keep your first few dates with a Pisces small and intimate. Pisces likes to get to know people one on one first.


Aries – Aries love spontaneity and being able to come and go as they please. Restricting an Aries or not allowing them a certain amount of freedom can have them running for the hills. Lack of freedom will spook your Aries!
Tarot Advice: Four of Wands – I love this card, it’s fire energy and blends well with your Aries pal. What this card is saying to you is, yes your Aries may like his/her freedom but for your adorable Aries remember home is where the heart is.


Taurus – Taureans are very tactile and what can really send a Taurean into the depths of despair and also spook them is if you’re not physically demonstrative in terms of hugs or holding hands. A lack of connection in this way can really crush your Taurus.
Tarot Advice: Eight of Pentacles – The Eight of Pentacles talks about putting in the effort and building a relationship that’s solid. If your Taurean feels that you are both working towards a common goal in the relationship then you will find that it goes from strength to strength. What spooks them is if they’re the ones putting in all the effort.




Cancer – Cancerians are very private souls and what can really spook your Cancerian and have him/her running back under their rock to hide is if you blurt out their secrets and things they hold dear after they have shared their inner most thoughts with you.
Tarot Advice: The Star – The Star card is all about healing and nuturing. If your Cancerian feels nurtured in the relationship and as though you have their best interests at heart then you will find that it will be near impossible for them to get spooked.


Gemini - Gemini’s love to be able to go here there and everywhere on a whim, freedom is important to them. Trying to pin a Gemini down to times can really send you Air friend into a spin. Being flexible is the key to stop him/her from being spooked.
Tarot Advice: Justice – This card is all about things that are right and fair. To stop your Gemini from getting spooked keep communication open and fair. Communication is key, especially with Gemini being ruled by Mercury and an Air sign also. If you’re playing fair in the relationship then you’re on to a winner.


Leo – Leo love to be part of a group, think ‘Pride of Lions’. So trying to keep them all to yourself and isolated from everyone they care about can really backfire. Leo’s won’t likely go out without you so don’t worry if their social calendar looks a tad hectic. Just don’t try to stop them going, it will really get your Leo spooked.
Tarot Advice: Ten of Wands – This card is all about not being able to see the way ahead, so to keep your lovely Leo from getting spooked be open about your intentions for the future. If you’re with a Leo chances are they will be wanting to know if you’re serious or not and what your intentions are!


Tune back next week for Part 2 of What Can Spook Your Lover in A Relationship?

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