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What Can Spook Your Lover in a Relationship - Part 2


Romantic Revelations by Rhianne - What can spook your lover in a relationship- part 2

Continuing with the Halloween theme that we started last week we’re going to dive right in and look at the question, What Spooks your lover in relationships? Last week we took a peek at Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo, so if you missed it go back now and check it out!

This week we are going to finish off the last six signs, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.
Ready? … Here we go!


Virgo –Virgo’s are not a sign that get easily spooked, they tend to take everything in their stride. Virgo’s are known for the cleanliness, hygiene and health consciousness so if there is one thing that could spook them it could be lack of cleanliness!
Tarot Advice: Knight of Swords – Ah now this is an interesting character to show up. He’s all about speed going fast and rushing ahead. The advice from the Tarot here is to go slow with your Virgo, don’t expect them to rush into a relationship full steam ahead, take things nice and easy and you’ll prevent them from being spooked.


Libra – Libra is a sign that likes and craves balance and fairness. So if something isn’t fair, or you treat a Libra unfairly, it can really make them think twice about a relationship with you. Fairness is the key word here otherwise they get spooked easily and head off into the sunset.
Tarot Advice: The Empress – The Empress speaks about creativity, abundance and love. What a great card! It’s showing you that as long as your Libra feels loved and cherished they are less likely to get spooked. They love to be loved.


Scorpio – Too many questions can spook your Scorpio pal. They’re like a closed book in many respects so a violation of privacy and lots of noseying in their business will really spook these guys.
Tarot Advice: Queen of Pentacles – This is an independent and financially secure women. If you treat your Scorpio with respect and allow him/her to do things in their own way and have their privacy when it comes to the home area and financials then they are less likely to be spooked.

Sagittarius – Clipping the wings of your Sagittarius is a sure fire way to spook them. Sagittarius love and crave freedom. They love to travel to explore and stopping them from doing what they love is sure to add fuel to that fire energy of theirs, it could create tensions and flare-ups.
Tarot Advice: Six of Swords – This card shows that sometimes Sagittarius’ need to get away is just to clear their mind, they just need a little down time. Allow them this time for themselves and all will be well.


Capricorn – Another sign like Virgo that takes things in their stride, not that they’re expecting any issues but should some arise they won’t let it bother them. Nothing much spooks these steady Capricorns.
Tarot Advice: Six of Cups – Capricorns are looking for someone who takes the time to really understand them. There is less chance of a Capricorn getting spooked if you make the effort to find out what they care about and what makes them tick.

Aquarius – With a quick and detailed mind, add to that a touch of deep thinking, the Aquarians need plenty of solitude and down time to process the inner workings of their mind. So the only thing to spook these guys is not enough space. If you have an Aquarius guy in your midst then it’s likely he will need a man cave (garden shed) to retreat to now and then!
Tarot Advice: The Magician – Remembering that your Aquarius is incredibly independent is key here. It’s worth noting that they don’t usually enter into a relationship because they need or have to it’s always a case of because they want to. Allow Aquarians their independence and they won’t get spooked.

Tune back next week for more Astrological Insights, Wisdom from the Tarot and Practical Guidance

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