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Frank's Weekly Horoscopes (14th March)

Frank Pilkington's weekly horoscopes for the 14th-19th March


You’ll try your utmost to see the positive in everything this week, but frustrations and restrictions could blunt your eagerness when projects don’t move as quickly as you’d like them to. Lengthy conversations with partners over plans for the future need to reach conclusions.

You often cope with frustration and anger by throwing yourself into career and/or home projects, so let’s just say either your home will be gleaming or you’ll get a gold star at work this week! Don’t allow unreliable partnerships to affect your positive outlook. Others need you. Focus on them.

You tend to get yourself into a tizz when you can’t complete what you see as simple tasks, so what will you be like when you have to cope with more complex ones? Keep your passive/aggressive behaviour reined in. You don’t know who is watching. Use your intuition to assess just who is on your side.

If your opinions are challenged this week, your remarkable self-defence system will kick in and you may be tempted to lay waste to your adversary, so please try to apply some self restraint. Allow your expansive optimism to overtake recent stress and worry. If you believe things will turn out fine, then they probably will. Have faith.

Insecurities over relationships and friendships will quickly disappear into the mist, and you’ll overflow with charm, personality and sensual attractiveness. All the best things associated with your sign, like pleasure, love and creativity come top of your list this week, and you’ll do what you can to indulge all three.

There are few people that can stop you from expressing your opinion, but just be careful that you don’t step on anyone’s toes at work or you could rankle authority and make enemies at the same time. Stick rigidly to the facts and don‘t embellish a story to make it more exciting. You‘ll be challenged on it if you do.

A shaky start to the week, possibly caused by lack of support from those around you, be it at work or home, gradually shifts into a happy, harmonious time by midweek. By the time the weekend comes, you’ll be more confident that hopes and dreams are now well within your grasp.

An older authority figure in your life gives you the support you need to remain focused on your goals, so listen carefully to his or her words of wisdom and don’t even think about throwing in the towel. You’re made of sterner stuff and know deep down you can go the distance. Walking away isn’t you, remember.

You’re much more tuned in to friendships and relationships this week and others will appreciate your input, so don’t allow trivial distractions to tempt you to veer off course. If you do you’ll leave them disappointed in you, and you, angry with yourself for being weak. Focus.

Once you start to appreciate the bigger picture in both work and play, you’ll feel less pressured to compete with anyone, so you’ll lower that guard of yours a little. Others like this new laid back side to you and you might even find your social diary expanding. Enjoy the attention.

Those closest to you seem to be on a short fuse this week, so do your best to sidestep all aggravations, as you have too much on your mind to be bothered with all these petty concerns. If minor health issues are bothering you, get yourself a check up and stop imagining it’s worse than it is.

Read the small print before entering into any new financial commitments this week, and sign nothing until you’ve spoken to someone you trust over your personal finances. You tend to hear what you want to hear on occasions, and this could prove to be a costly exercise if you do. Get advice.



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